3 reasons why people fail to achieve their weight gain goals

1.Setting Goals properly

Goals are one of the most important factor especially if you are trying to gain weight within a certain amount of time. Without any goals in mind, training just becomes a routine activity where you will not strive to impove. This is why setting goals at different stages is so important. Your goals should be S.M.A.R.T

Specific-what do you want to target

Measurable-results that can be measured

Attainable-something that can be done

Realistic-something you can achieve based on your own strength

Timely-with a time limit

Being specific with your goals ensure that you have a specific target to reach. This is exceptionally important if you are into gaining serious muscle mass. For example, losing 2% of body fat by the end of February. With this sentence, you can see that it is specific, measureable, attainable, realistic and timely.

To sum it all up, setting a personal goal at your different stages is important before you start rushing to the gym to do your workouts.


2.Getting a Muscle building Program

Sad to say, many beginners as well as intermediate body builders either make the mistake of doing the wrong type of exercise or eat the wrong kind of food which can be detrimental to your weight gaining efforts. This is why it is important to either set for yourself a good regime that you can follow on a regular basis or get a muscle building program that will help you set your goals, give you the right exercise routine depending on the parts you want to work out as well as the diet to have in order to maximise your muscle gain.

One example of such a program is Vince Del Monte’s No Nonsense Muscle Building program. The program not only contains a ton of helpful information such as an exercise workout routine for you to follow, it also helps you to calculate your metabolism rate and advises you on the food to eat in accordance to your metabolism rate. There is also a well of information that can be found on their forum so that you can ask any questions or clear any doubts you might have. For more information on the program do check out this video where i did a navigation in their member site.




3.Rest and Recovery

Sad to say this, even  expert body builders often make the mistake of overtraining themselves and end up either injuring themselves or lose muscle mass as a result.

In order to grow muscles, you need to have adequate rest as well as recovery. This means a lot of sleep as well as nutrients that you need to help your muscle to recover faster.

Ensuring that you stay hydrated and have enough sleep each day can ensure that your workouts during the day is maximised and it also keeps you energetic when you start your next workout.

To Conclude

Hopefully you were able to pick up some pointers from this article and help to adjust or start out your new weight gain goal. Working out in the gym is essential but it is not how you gain muscles quickly, you need to be able to balance your nutrition and your well being with your workout in order to gain weight quickly. Analyze where you have gone wrong and do some testing to find out what works best for your body, alternatively, visit your nutritionist or get professional help such as Vince Del Monte which can be found on his website to help  quicken this process.


pictures by:jscreationzs