3 Things to Know About Gaining Muscle

Gaining muscle can be difficult for many people, especially if you are skinny and find it hard to gain weight. Don’t let the discouragement get to you and check out our tips on gaining muscle fast.
Basically, gaining muscle requires hard work and determination which requires training at least 2-3 times a week accompanied with good nutrition. Most skinny people can’t seem to gain weight despite their constant workout because of their nutrition. So the question that seems to hover in your head is, how do I persuade my body to gain muscle mass?
Calorie Surplus
One of the key components in muscle gain is your calorie intake. Muscle gain requires your body to consume more calories to feed your growth. If you want to demand more than what your body is accustomed to, you will definitely need to consume more. Just like a car that wants to go faster, it will require more fuel to operate. This is the same for muscle building. Eating more ensures that your muscles are able to gain weight quick. However, you have to note that eating more also means eating healthy, eating junk food or fast food might impair your training and cause you to gain muscles at a slower pace. You need to have a healthy balance of vitamins, unsaturated fats, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids as well as protein.
Stressing your muscles
Now that you have fed your body with enough fuel, it is time to power up your engine. This means stressing your muscle so that they can grow. Muscle growth is stimulated by stressing your muscles to perform harder. The size of your muscles currently is determined by your genetics as well as your current level of activity. Although we cannot alter your genetic structure, but you can change the current level of activity that you are currently at.
Putting it in layman’s terms, you have to start working out in the gym. Weight lifting is a great way to stress your muscles into growing. Performing bench presses, bicep curls as well as pull ups will stress your muscles in the different muscle groups. Always start with what you can handle, overstressing yourself can lead to serious muscle problems such as muscle pulls or even tearing. Carry what you can at and repeat for 8-13 repetition. If you can you handle more than 13 reps, increase the load.
With training you need to give yourself time to recover. Recovery is an important process that many weight lifters forget to take into account. The lack of rest can result in overtraining which can impair your training regime and even spoil your fitness. You should always listen to your body and not overstress yourself. Working out 2-3 times for beginners would be a great start so that your body will be able to adapt to the change in activity.