Alcohol and Cardio Exercise

Social drinking may seem safe especially after a week’s hard work. All you need to do is to sit down and relax with a few bottles of beer or a couple of drinks. If there is no other thing that you are going to do next day, why not enjoy and unwind.

But if you have scheduled your regular exercise, you have to make a choice whether to sit down and drink or go home and have a good rest for tomorrow’s workout. It is that simple but you cannot compromise and have both. Alcohol is alcohol whether you take a few sips, a glass, a bottle or a liter. It will affect your sensory perception as well as performance the next day. Though studies have found out that small quantities may increase endurance and output, the negative effects will still outweigh the little benefits it possess

A few times at the bar with your friends or colleagues may lead to more frequent visits till you become addicted to alcohol. The occasional social drinking that you have started may become the nightmare of your life. Having too much alcohol at one sitting in the body may have adverse effect physically and mentally. Alcohol can affect the health of your kidney, you may experience problems in a long run if you do not take proper care of yourself.

Your nervous system as well as your brain will also be affected. In addition, damaged brain cells cannot be replaced. This is a severe long-term consequence of alcohol drinking. Small quantities may also alter cognitive functions. Your brain uses the sugar in the alcohol instead of the normal glucose. It may lead to more serious brain conditions in the long run

Alcohol may reduce endurance and strength. Your healthy body will deteriorate in no time. No amount of exercise will repair your body once it is destroyed by alcohol. Alcohol affects body systems like the digestive and circulatory systems. Your body is unable to absorb nutrients that it needs to become strong and healthy. Metabolic processes are impaired which may lead to illnesses and recovery may be difficult.

Your liver will have to work double time to remove the toxins in the body. In time, your liver gets damaged too. Your kidneys aren’t spared too. Too much alcohol weighs them down and will lead to more water retention in the body. In the end, you lose everything if you allow yourself to indulge in alcohol.

On the other hand, if you can exercise self-control and go to your workout instead, you have everything to gain. Having that dedication towards your health can go a long way. Your health will improve and your general outlook about life will be positive and your ability to handle daily stress is enhanced. Exercises keep your body systems to function properly as well as increase your metabolic rate. It would be better to spend your life living a happy and healthy life.




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