Avoid all Low calorie Diets

Overweight individuals always have the misconception that going on a diet will enable them to look much better physically. However, did you know that half of the weight that you lose during your low calorie diet will consist of muscle, water as well as glycogen. Only a small percentage of fats will be lost. In addition,due to the fact that throughout your diet you will hardly be doing any exercise, your metabolism rate will be greatly affected in a negative way.

Low Metabolism Rate Effects

  • You tend to gain weight(fats) at a faster rate because your body will burn calories at a much slower rate.

Also, do note that the diet will gain back more fats than muscles before even starting on the diet. If you were even overweight to begin, this already proves that you have a metabolism problem and going on a diet will dramatically slower your metabolism rate even further.

I want to Lose Fats!

What You Should Do

We all know that exercising helps you to lose weight, exercising helps to increase your metabolism rate which will help your body to burn calories faster. If you are overweight and you are looking to lose some weight. Try to do some cardiovascular exercises such as running, cycling or swimming for a start for 1 hour for every 3 sessions a week. This will jolt your body to increase it’s metabolism rate and will help you to eventually lose fats.


During this period, it is important to take note of your diet as well. Replace your diet with lesser carbohydrates and eat slightly more protein that you usually would. The additional protein will help you build muscles as well as you lose weight.

I am looking to Gain Muscle Mass

What you should do

If you are looking to gain muscle mass and lose fats at the same time. You need to spend majority of your time in the gym instead of doing cardiovascular exercises. Utilizing gym equipments to do compound exercises should be your priority in the gym. Some examples of such exercises includes bench presses, dead lifts, squats as well as pull ups. These exercises utilizes multiple muscle groups which will dramatically speed up your muscle gaining process.


During this period of time, try to stick to a protein diet which in following manner:

60% protein


10% unsaturated fats

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