Benefits of Cardio Exercises

People who are into cardio exercise would definitely want to know which is the most effective and the best one. Most cardio exercises burn fat and the best one will be what an individual might want to do and enjoy every day. Any of the cardio exercises may be mixed. Interval cardio involves one exercise followed by another in a given set time intervals. Depending on the preferences of the person he can combine 3 or 4 different exercises at 15 minute interval each. This makes the exercise routine more enjoyable.

There are two kinds of cardio exercises. One is characterized as slow and steady with 45 minutes -1hour duration and with low intensity. This type of cardio exercises burn fat but not carbs however it preserves the joints. High intensity cardio on the other hand has shorter duration of about 20-30 minutes and with high intensity interval training. This type burns tons of calories and perks up metabolism the whole day. These cardio exercises use sudden intense movements like sprinting.

The following are cardio exercises that burn a lot of calories in 30 minutes. Step aerobics burn about 400 calories and works mainly on the legs and hips. Bicycling whether it is done outside or stationary may burn 250 – 500 calories depending on the speed. Swimming can burn about 400 calories especially when doing breaststroke. Other cardio exercises burn calories at varying degrees include racquetball, rock climbing, cross-country skiing, running, elliptical trainer, rowing and walking.

High intensity cardio exercises like jumping rope which is a simple but effective exercise can give the body a good work out within 15-20 minutes. It enhances eye-hand coordination, improves lateral movement and increases foot as well as hand speed and agility. Sprinting burns big amounts of calories that keep metabolism working even after a few days. Spinning is also a high-intensity workout with music that simulates the challenges of a bike ride. The more intense the cardio exercise that is done, the higher metabolic rate occurs. An increased metabolic rate makes it easier to maintain weight or to lose weight.

For those who are into body building exercises, there are certain types of lower intensity cardio exercises like the treadmill which can lessen the time needed to recover especially after a heavy intense workout. For those who work on cardio exercises, there are a lot of benefits aside from burning all those calories. Other health benefits include an increase in bone density. It also lessens stress and the risks of cardiovascular disease and cancer too. People gain more confidence especially when their muscles are well-toned. They have better sleeping patterns and they have more energy as well.

Constant movements help in the proper circulation of the blood. It facilitates the flow of blood into the muscles during workouts. Exercise strengthens the respiratory system and helps the heart to function properly. With a lot of cardio exercises to choose from, people can enjoy different kinds and may even work on their own cardio exercise program designed primarily for their own personal use and enjoyment.




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