Best Supplement For Weight Gain

Finding the best supplements to boost your weight gain efforts is one of the most important decision you have to make. Especially when weight gaining supplements are usually expensive. Making the wrong decision can also mean 30-100 dollars down the drain. In this article, i will be addressing about the problems in many supplements as well as what to avoid and lastly, how to find the best weight gaining supplement you can get to boost your performance as well as what to avoid.

Problem 1: Whats in there?!

Having some experience in the weight supplement industry, i have taken my fair share of choosing the wrong products that does close to nothing in helping my body to gain the weight and i do not want the same to happen to you. Not only is it frustrating, it is also a waste of money and time.

A lot of companies are falsely giving hyped up claims about the results of their supplements giving you great results and saying that you will be able to get a model’s body within a few weeks using their product. These products do very little to nothing at all in helping you achieve your goal of gaining weight and is often very expensive.

In response to this problem, what i advise is doing some research on the product before buying, try to find website where reviews are done such as the products found here. In addition, try to find out the ingredients used in the products, avoid any foreign ingredient if you are unsure of and consult someone who knows what they are doing.

Problem 2: Price!

More often than not, you will probably buy your weight gaining supplement from a physical store near you. While i do encourage supporting your local store, most stores jack up the price way up above the recommended retail price due to the fact that supplements are pretty rare unless found in specialty stores. In addition, some of the sales personnel in the store might just be part timers and not well verse in weight gaining products. In fact, some of them might be even giving you the wrong advice because they have no education in nutrition whatsoever. Are you really that willing to spend all that money on a product that does no good for you? i guess not.

What i normally do is to first find the product i have online or search for products online, secondly find some thorough review which goes through its benefits and flaws and access the products accordingly from there. One of the best ways i get my product from is through amazon which offers free shipping. Especially when such supplements weigh i lot. I find that ordering online makes it more convenient.


Now that i have addressed the problems that might arise when you are looking to buy your weight gaining supplement, here are some tips on how to find one that suits you as well as some examples which i myself use for weight gain.

Type of Supplement:

If you are a beginner and you are getting your first weight gaining supplement, it is very important that you identify which type of supplement you should take in order to gain weight fast. Some of the more common categories include whey protein and mass gainers. So what are the differences? Whey protein is a great substitute for protein especially right after you do your workout. It is always advisable to eat almost immediately after your workout and at times food can be hard to obtain especially if you are away from home or far from an eatery. As such, whey protein supplements are a great way to maximize your workout by supplying your body with the nutrition it needs to gain muscle mass.

Mass gainers work the same way, just that they are a form of meal replacement and is a great source of calories especially for hard gainers or skinny people these mass gainers normally contain about 700 calories to 1000 calories in a single serving so balancing this product with meals should be taken into precaution to prevent over eating.


Supplements i use and Review:

In this article, i will be introducing 2 of the supplements which i use for my weekly routine.

First up,

Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard

This is one of the trusted products that i use normally after my workout. Not only is it low in carbs, it also contains 24g of pure muscle building protein which is vital for gaining muscle mass. It is also a fast acting protein which means that the protein gets absorbed into your body quickly for optimum results. Results may vary but personally i’ve gained about 10lbs in a matter for 2.5 weeks. The product also comes in many different flavors and is really a great product in general because of the price and nutritional values.

Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Juice, 10.45 lb

This is one of the best product that i have taken especially since i am a hard gainer, trying other sources of calories did not seem to work like ultimate nutrition muscle juice does. Not only does it contain 55g of protein per serving which is great for after workouts. Each serving also contains 1000+ calories which is a great meal replacement. I usually take this only when i feel i have not reached my calorie limit for the day for gaining muscle. The product comes in many flavors and also comes in two different sizes. I would recommend the bigger size though due to the fact that it is more worth the price and also you won’t run out of supply for a longer period.

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