Cardio And Its Benefits

It is a well known fact that doing cardio workouts on a daily basis is great for your health. However, many people have the misconception that cardio burns muscle and that is should be avoided when you want to gain weight. Cardio will only burn muscle when your take cardio to the extreme, for example, running a marathon everyday. In such cases cardio will burn the muscle because your body gets into an alert state because all its nutrients are being used up. Therefore your body will cannibalize your muscles in order to get the energy to continue running. This can be seen in many marathon runners where they are really skinny and hardly any muscle can be seen.

In addition, most people actually try to accompany cardio with dieting, which can be dangerous because your body does not take in enough calories. Your body starts to cannibalize your muscles when your body gets below 20% of your Total daily energy expenditure(TDEE). Your TDEE is determined by the activities you do on a daily basis and can also vary according to age and other factors.

Cardio can actually help you put on weight fast. firstly, it helps your muscle recuperate from the delayed onset muscle soreness. Delayed onset muscle soreness is normally caused when you had a hard workout session in the gym. Cardio helps to increase the blood and nutrient circulation which will help in your muscle recovery.

Secondly, Cardio can help to keep your cardiovascular system in tip top condition especially when you are handling weight lifting. Some workouts just require the cardiovascular capactity in order to perform the workout to see rapid muscle gain.

Thirdly, doing hybrid exercises, hybrid exercises is a combination of cardio as well as weight training. For example, squats, farmers walk, tractor tire flips(100kg) dead lift. All these hybrid exercises require a certain level of cardiovascular fitness before experimenting them.

To conclude, so how to gain weight? by doing cardio and weight training accompanied with a good diet. cardio can be done even when you want to gain weight because of its benefits as shown on the above, cardio can also help people who want to lose excess fats and gain muscle. Muscle is relatively heavier than fats and it should be one’s goal to gain more muscle mass when you want to gain weight




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