How to Build up your Bench Press

One of the most common questions that people normally ask in the gym is the amount that you bench. The bench press is one of the most important exercise that you can do to build your chest muscles. While a small percentage of body builders are able to bench huge amounts of weight at a time. Most of us will struggle to hit 200 pounds consistently without support.

How to improve my bench press?

Well, that’s what this article is here for. After you have finished this article, you should be equipped with the relevant knowledge to start improving your numbers. In fact, the following tips that i will be sharing with you is what i used to increase my bench press from a mere 30 pounds with 8 reps per set to a huge 120 pounds with 8 reps per set after a short period of 1 year.

  • Eating

If you want to get strong in a short time, you needs to stop feeding yoruself like a baby and start bulking up. Instead of eating your usual amount per meal. Add a piece of meat or consume more meals per day to stack up your protein gain and carbohydrates. In addition, Protein is the key building ingredient for building strength and  muscles.

  • Bad form
One of the biggest mistakes that people make is to use other non-essential muscles to lift the weight. You have got to stop that. When you are doing bench presses, you should be focusing on your chest and not your biceps or triceps. Focus on going slow and at a constant speed. In addition, try to curb any bad habits that you might have at the early stage to prevent yourself from getting comfortable with the current mistakes that you are doing.
  • gripping the bar correctly
when the bar is at your chest level. it is important to ensure that your arms are at a perfect 90° angle at all times. Also, ensure that your knuckles are pointing towards the sky. All these little points will significantly prevent you from straining your back or injuring yourself.
  • constant speed

Most beginners make the mistake of going down too fast and going up slowly. In fact, the proper method to do a bench press is to have a constant speed throughout the whole workout. This will ensure that a perfect form is achieved and you can get the best out of each set.


  • Choosing the correct weight

Want to impress someone at the gym? Do it at your own risk. One of the most frequent injuries that can happen in the gym is carrying too much weight that you can currently handle. When you do so, not only are you putting your form at risk, you can also severely injure yourself. In order to choose the correct weight. It is important to ensure that you can lift the weight at least 8 times and a maximum of 13 reps. If you can lift more than 13 reps. Add more weight to your bench press and if you cannot do 8 reps. You are probably lifting what you cannot handle.

  • Priorities

It may seem obvious to most people, but putting your priorities is important especially if you want to build a huge chest. In each training session, Focus on what you want to train. If it is the chest portion. Make sure bench first. devoting all your energy and strength into the exercise. This way, you are ensured the maximum performance for your chest.

  • Prevent over training

If you feel that you are benching lesser and lesser each training session, chances are that you are over training yourself and you need to rest your muscles. Some of the symptoms of over training is an increased heart rate even when you are resting. If you are over trained. Make sure you rest well for a week or so. Ensuring that you get sufficient nutrients to repair the muscles in your body and to refuel up.