Alcohol and Cardio Exercise

Social drinking may seem safe especially after a week’s hard work. All you need to do is to sit down and relax with a few bottles of beer or a couple of drinks. If there is no other thing that you are going to do next day, why not enjoy and unwind.

But if you have scheduled your regular exercise, you have to make a choice whether to sit down and drink or go home and have a good rest for tomorrow’s workout. It is that simple but you cannot compromise and have both. Alcohol is alcohol whether you take a few sips, a glass, a bottle or a liter. It will affect your sensory perception as well as performance the next day. Though studies have found out that small quantities may increase endurance and output, the negative effects will still outweigh the little benefits it possess

A few times at the bar with your friends or colleagues may lead to more frequent visits till you become addicted to alcohol. The occasional social drinking that you have started may become the nightmare of your life. Having too much alcohol at one sitting in the body may have adverse effect physically and mentally. Alcohol can affect the health of your kidney, you may experience problems in a long run if you do not take proper care of yourself.

Your nervous system as well as your brain will also be affected. In addition, damaged brain cells cannot be replaced. This is a severe long-term consequence of alcohol drinking. Small quantities may also alter cognitive functions. Your brain uses the sugar in the alcohol instead of the normal glucose. It may lead to more serious brain conditions in the long run

Alcohol may reduce endurance and strength. Your healthy body will deteriorate in no time. No amount of exercise will repair your body once it is destroyed by alcohol. Alcohol affects body systems like the digestive and circulatory systems. Your body is unable to absorb nutrients that it needs to become strong and healthy. Metabolic processes are impaired which may lead to illnesses and recovery may be difficult.

Your liver will have to work double time to remove the toxins in the body. In time, your liver gets damaged too. Your kidneys aren’t spared too. Too much alcohol weighs them down and will lead to more water retention in the body. In the end, you lose everything if you allow yourself to indulge in alcohol.

On the other hand, if you can exercise self-control and go to your workout instead, you have everything to gain. Having that dedication towards your health can go a long way. Your health will improve and your general outlook about life will be positive and your ability to handle daily stress is enhanced. Exercises keep your body systems to function properly as well as increase your metabolic rate. It would be better to spend your life living a happy and healthy life.



Benefits of Cardio Exercises

People who are into cardio exercise would definitely want to know which is the most effective and the best one. Most cardio exercises burn fat and the best one will be what an individual might want to do and enjoy every day. Any of the cardio exercises may be mixed. Interval cardio involves one exercise followed by another in a given set time intervals. Depending on the preferences of the person he can combine 3 or 4 different exercises at 15 minute interval each. This makes the exercise routine more enjoyable.

There are two kinds of cardio exercises. One is characterized as slow and steady with 45 minutes -1hour duration and with low intensity. This type of cardio exercises burn fat but not carbs however it preserves the joints. High intensity cardio on the other hand has shorter duration of about 20-30 minutes and with high intensity interval training. This type burns tons of calories and perks up metabolism the whole day. These cardio exercises use sudden intense movements like sprinting.

The following are cardio exercises that burn a lot of calories in 30 minutes. Step aerobics burn about 400 calories and works mainly on the legs and hips. Bicycling whether it is done outside or stationary may burn 250 – 500 calories depending on the speed. Swimming can burn about 400 calories especially when doing breaststroke. Other cardio exercises burn calories at varying degrees include racquetball, rock climbing, cross-country skiing, running, elliptical trainer, rowing and walking.

High intensity cardio exercises like jumping rope which is a simple but effective exercise can give the body a good work out within 15-20 minutes. It enhances eye-hand coordination, improves lateral movement and increases foot as well as hand speed and agility. Sprinting burns big amounts of calories that keep metabolism working even after a few days. Spinning is also a high-intensity workout with music that simulates the challenges of a bike ride. The more intense the cardio exercise that is done, the higher metabolic rate occurs. An increased metabolic rate makes it easier to maintain weight or to lose weight.

For those who are into body building exercises, there are certain types of lower intensity cardio exercises like the treadmill which can lessen the time needed to recover especially after a heavy intense workout. For those who work on cardio exercises, there are a lot of benefits aside from burning all those calories. Other health benefits include an increase in bone density. It also lessens stress and the risks of cardiovascular disease and cancer too. People gain more confidence especially when their muscles are well-toned. They have better sleeping patterns and they have more energy as well.

Constant movements help in the proper circulation of the blood. It facilitates the flow of blood into the muscles during workouts. Exercise strengthens the respiratory system and helps the heart to function properly. With a lot of cardio exercises to choose from, people can enjoy different kinds and may even work on their own cardio exercise program designed primarily for their own personal use and enjoyment.



Benefits of Cardio

What we all know about cardio is that it is a type of exercise that helps burn calories leading to weight loss. That is why most people who are trying to gain weight wonder if it will be right for them to do cardio. Although this fact generally true, there are other benefits of cardio that makes it a very important part of a healthy life. You should do some cardio while gaining weight for three important reasons.

Cardio helps in recovery

Weight and strength training are exercises that produce large amounts of by products which make recovery take longer time. The longer you train, the more byproducts the body produced naturally. On the other hand cardio helps reduce recovery time. That is why those training for weight should do cardio to reduce the recovery time between training days. Cardio leads to an increase in circulation helping to remove byproducts that create problems during recovery.

Muscle gain is leaner with cardio

There is no doubt that when people gain muscle, they necessarily gain some fat in addition. It is only a very few people who are exempt from this. Naturally, a third of the muscles people gain is made of fat. By following a well planned nutritional plan and doing cardio, the amount of fat that accompanies muscle gain can be reduced appreciably. This helps a lot when it comes to putting the muscles in shape. Losing fat leads to leaner muscles which are more sustainable than fatty ones. Cardio is what makes this possible.

Cardio ensure general fitness

It is possible to gain muscle and still remain unfit, and there is nothing worse than that. There are some well built people who are constantly gasping for breath when they do simple physical activities such as climbing the stairs. This is because they forget that the heart is also a muscle that needs to be trained to be healthy too. Cardio simply means cardiovascular exercise which has the primary aim of keeping the heart healthy and in good condition. A well built body without a healthy heart cannot survive.

Finally, the issue with cardio and weight gain is how intensely it is done. Doing high intensity cardio over very long periods will lead to depletion of calories needed for building muscles. What is recommended is about 20 to 30 minutes of cardio two times a week. That should help keep the whole body fit. There should be a good balance between weight training and cardio.



Cardio and Weight Gain

People have varying thoughts when it comes to a low carb food regimen. Some people believe that humans are not meant to eat present-day foods which are basically carbohydrates and sugar. This reasoning comes mainly from the fact that carbohydrate rich foods such as grains and starches cause the release of insulin when too much blood sugar is pumped into the body system. This body process causes the storage of body fat and if it goes on unchecked for a period of time, it can lead to health problems such as obesity, heart diseases as well as cancer or diabetes.
Health experts may recommend a low carb food regimen as opposed to a high carb one in the belief that protein rich foods like meat, fish, eggs and others are healthier for people to eat and for them to avoid the same problems that are affecting a lot of people around the world. Some studies were undertaken to prove that a protein-rich diet is more effective and safer in terms of losing weight. However, the findings of one of these studies do not indicate a long term effect since the study was conducted over a very short period of time rendering the results to be inconclusive.
The Naval Hospital in Oakland conducted a related study in 1965. The study involved dieters who were given a daily 1000 calorie intake which was also high in fat and a limited daily 10 gram carbohydrate intake. The dieters participated for 10 days and had positive results. They may have done better than the control group in terms of losing body fat but a 10-day diet period does not guarantee a lifetime result.
The key factor in determining diet for every individual is proportion. There may be disagreements whether a low carb food regimen is better or not but generally most people and health experts agree that sugar intake should be minimized. People must understand that basically all kinds of food eaten are converted into glucose, a simple form of sugar that the body can absorb. Carbohydrate rich foods and sugary foods are the easiest ones to be broken down by the digestive system thereby causing a sudden rush of glucose in the blood stream. This in turn affects the metabolic processes such as the release of too much insulin because of the presence of a high level of glucose circulating in the bloodstream.
However, it doesn’t mean though that people should not eat carbohydrates or sugar all together because too less blood glucose can cause hypoglycemia, a health situation that is characterized by dizziness, nausea, fatigue and other symptoms. If it is left untreated, it can lead to other health problems and at times it can also be fatal. Again, the key to proper diet is proportion. Too much or too little of carbohydrates is not good.
However, the proportion of carbohydrate rich foods in the diet depends on several factors like body built, dietary needs and the nature of the physical activity that one is involved in. Regular people like office workers need less carbohydrate rich foods but manual laborers or workers need more carbohydrate rich foods to give them the energy to do their physical work. The metabolic rate varies from one person to another and this may affect the rate at which food is processed and how the nutrients are absorbed by the body. Hormonal imbalances may affect metabolic processes so proper nutrition and regular exercises are needed to help the body regulate all processes normally.
Athletes need more carbohydrate rich foods and protein rich foods too. The portions given to them is not the same as the portions given to regular people even if they do some form of exercises. Intensive physical activity requires a lot of energy. Athletes burn more energy but at the same time they need to build strong muscles to be able to increase their strength and endurance.
But just like any other individual, athletes have different carbohydrate and protein requirements to meet in order to stay fit and strong for a particular sport. Their trainers and dieticians must work together to determine what each athlete needs based on his body build and his metabolic rate and also the kind of training that each one of them has to undergo.



Cardio And Its Benefits

It is a well known fact that doing cardio workouts on a daily basis is great for your health. However, many people have the misconception that cardio burns muscle and that is should be avoided when you want to gain weight. Cardio will only burn muscle when your take cardio to the extreme, for example, running a marathon everyday. In such cases cardio will burn the muscle because your body gets into an alert state because all its nutrients are being used up. Therefore your body will cannibalize your muscles in order to get the energy to continue running. This can be seen in many marathon runners where they are really skinny and hardly any muscle can be seen.

In addition, most people actually try to accompany cardio with dieting, which can be dangerous because your body does not take in enough calories. Your body starts to cannibalize your muscles when your body gets below 20% of your Total daily energy expenditure(TDEE). Your TDEE is determined by the activities you do on a daily basis and can also vary according to age and other factors.

Cardio can actually help you put on weight fast. firstly, it helps your muscle recuperate from the delayed onset muscle soreness. Delayed onset muscle soreness is normally caused when you had a hard workout session in the gym. Cardio helps to increase the blood and nutrient circulation which will help in your muscle recovery.

Secondly, Cardio can help to keep your cardiovascular system in tip top condition especially when you are handling weight lifting. Some workouts just require the cardiovascular capactity in order to perform the workout to see rapid muscle gain.

Thirdly, doing hybrid exercises, hybrid exercises is a combination of cardio as well as weight training. For example, squats, farmers walk, tractor tire flips(100kg) dead lift. All these hybrid exercises require a certain level of cardiovascular fitness before experimenting them.

To conclude, so how to gain weight? by doing cardio and weight training accompanied with a good diet. cardio can be done even when you want to gain weight because of its benefits as shown on the above, cardio can also help people who want to lose excess fats and gain muscle. Muscle is relatively heavier than fats and it should be one’s goal to gain more muscle mass when you want to gain weight