Tips for Gaining Weight Healthily

So what are the best tips to gain weight healthily?

Gaining weight healthily has always been the opposite of what the media has been bombarding us. People have the idea that staying thin is beautiful simply because that is the trend right now. It is wrong to overlook people who have difficultly gaining weight because they have an underweight problem.

Gaining weight healthily requires hard work and determination just like if you want to lose weight. There is no quick pill or drug that can speed the process up, therefore, one has to make sure that you maintain your vision and work towards that goal.

Adapting into a Healthy Mind

In your quest to gain weight the first time you have to change is you! You have to prepare yourself mentally as well as physically to have a healthy lifestyle if you want to succeed. The amount of determination you have will determine whether you succeed or not. This means going out all the way and not cheating yourself on occasion. Remember your mental condition also plays an important role in achieving your goal.

It is almost impossible to gain weight unless you have specific goals already in your mind. Pen those goals down and stick it somewhere you will be able to see it to remind yourself of the goal you have. This way you will be able to maintain focus and not lose sight of what is important.

Adopting a program

Gaining weight has a lot to do with the type of plan you have for yourself on a daily basis. Most people fail because they just do not know how to start off or they do not know what else to do after 1 week or so. Purchasing a Program which is suitable for your needs is key because not only it provides guides and steps to how to gain weight. It can also help monitor your growth and performance and help you to gain weight quick. Most programs do not cost more than $80 and contains precious information pertaining to your future success.

Because of the vast amounts of programs available in the market today, it is important to compare your goals with the e-books or e-programs that are available to see which suits you best.

Exercise regime

Healthy weight gaining is not complete without proper exercise. Weight gain is only possible when you incorporate a healthy weight gaining diet with proper exercise. Because muscles are heavier than fats, it should be your goal to lose the fats and replace it with muscles. Purchasing a program which also contains exercise routines that you can practice will also help increase the speed of which you will be able to attain your weight goal.



3 Things to Know About Gaining Muscle

Gaining muscle can be difficult for many people, especially if you are skinny and find it hard to gain weight. Don’t let the discouragement get to you and check out our tips on gaining muscle fast.
Basically, gaining muscle requires hard work and determination which requires training at least 2-3 times a week accompanied with good nutrition. Most skinny people can’t seem to gain weight despite their constant workout because of their nutrition. So the question that seems to hover in your head is, how do I persuade my body to gain muscle mass?
Calorie Surplus
One of the key components in muscle gain is your calorie intake. Muscle gain requires your body to consume more calories to feed your growth. If you want to demand more than what your body is accustomed to, you will definitely need to consume more. Just like a car that wants to go faster, it will require more fuel to operate. This is the same for muscle building. Eating more ensures that your muscles are able to gain weight quick. However, you have to note that eating more also means eating healthy, eating junk food or fast food might impair your training and cause you to gain muscles at a slower pace. You need to have a healthy balance of vitamins, unsaturated fats, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids as well as protein.
Stressing your muscles
Now that you have fed your body with enough fuel, it is time to power up your engine. This means stressing your muscle so that they can grow. Muscle growth is stimulated by stressing your muscles to perform harder. The size of your muscles currently is determined by your genetics as well as your current level of activity. Although we cannot alter your genetic structure, but you can change the current level of activity that you are currently at.
Putting it in layman’s terms, you have to start working out in the gym. Weight lifting is a great way to stress your muscles into growing. Performing bench presses, bicep curls as well as pull ups will stress your muscles in the different muscle groups. Always start with what you can handle, overstressing yourself can lead to serious muscle problems such as muscle pulls or even tearing. Carry what you can at and repeat for 8-13 repetition. If you can you handle more than 13 reps, increase the load.
With training you need to give yourself time to recover. Recovery is an important process that many weight lifters forget to take into account. The lack of rest can result in overtraining which can impair your training regime and even spoil your fitness. You should always listen to your body and not overstress yourself. Working out 2-3 times for beginners would be a great start so that your body will be able to adapt to the change in activity.


Put on Needed Weight Fast-7 easy steps

There are many articles right now in the world wide web which explains the steps to take in order to lose weight. However, what if you are on the opposite side of the spectrum. You want to gain that needed weight fast but you can’t seem to despite the massive servings of food you eat. This is really a problem and should not be taken lightly. not only will you not look good, but there are many health concerns associated with being underweight. For example, feeling Giddy, immune system deficiencies as well as anemia. You should always try to get your BMI(body mass index) within the range of normal.

How do you calculate your BMI(body mass index)

Body Mass index is a straight forward calculation which involves your Height as well as Weight. In this example we will be using Kilograms for the weight as well as Meters for the height.


BMI=    (weight in Kg)

Height in meters ²

Below 18.5Underweight
18.5 -24.9Normal
25 – 29.9Overweight
30 & AboveObese

How to Gain the weight

1.Eat more calories!

A lot of my friends are naturally thin and can’t seem to gain any weight. So i asked them how much food do they take in on a normal day. The response i got was quite stunning. On a regular day, they just eat lunch and dinner which sometimes consists of fast food or small servings of food. This might sound like what you are doing but the fact is, you are not getting enough nutrition in order to gain weight. For a start eating 4-5 small servings of food per day can drastically increase your calorie intake which will then increase your weight. Gaining weight is difficult especially for people which high metabolism and that is why you need that extra serving of food to increase your calorie intake.

Recommended Meals which you can undergo

Breakfast- bowl of sugar free cereal with milk

Lunch- a bowl of Noodles with a lot of meat(fish, Chicken , beef)

Teabreak(3pm)-a chicken / egg sandwich

2nd Teabreak(5pm)-steamed chicken or bread

Dinner- Standard 4-5 course dinner

The reason why if you noticed why there is a lot of meat involved, is that because muscles weigh heavier than fats therefore taking in a lot of junk food will not do you any good. On the contrary, it can do more harm by giving you excess which will be hard to burn once accumulated.

2.Lifting Weights

Although lifting weight might be a form of exercise which you think might cause you to lose weight, it is not similar to cardio. Weight lifting is a great way to stretch your body in order to gain  more muscles and to gain needed weight quick. As mentioned earlier in my post. Muscles is heavier than fats therefore your goal should be to gain more muscles which will help in your overall weight.

View our articles for more in depth knowledge on weight training exercises which you can perform at home or at the gym.

3. Eating more protein

After doing your weight lifting workouts, your muscle will be totally drained and will need protein to repair itself and to gain weight. Incorporating more protein in your diet such as fish, chicken, lamb, tofu, Greeen peas, milk, cheese and eggs will help you recovery faster as well as gain that precious weight which you need.

4.Increase serving size

Most of my friends which i interviewed which were underweight explained to me that they couldn’t eat large servings of food in a go. This is a common problem in most underweight individuals, Eating larger portions of food takes practice because when you eat the normal serving of food. you stomach has no opportunity to expand itself. But when you start to eat larger quantities of food, your stomach will naturally expand and the next time you eat, it will be much easily to take that bigger serving of food. Starting off with about 20% more food in a serving will eventually help you to undertake bigger portions of food in the long run. However, do note that the type of food you eat will have a great impact on your health as well as weight in the future. Eating 2 extra scoops of ice cream will NOT be beneficial for gaining weight and might cause more problems for you instead. The key is always to take note of the Food Pyramid and the portions of food which you eat.

5. Undergoing a weight gain program

Most of the time people will not remember the steps needed to be taken to gain weight. That is why it is always advisable to get a weight gaining program which can help you moniter your weight gain as well as give you countless tips on what exactly to eat as well as what specific exercises to do. Most programs do not cause more than $100 dollars and can be extremely useful especially because it is in a digital form and is easy to read on the go. Also, these programs also has weekly plans that can be catered according to your schedule.

6.Drinking lots of water

Your body consists of about 80% of water, it is always recommended to get at least 8 cups of water daily. Water not only helps in hydrating but also recovery for your muscles after a workout. Staying hydrated also means that you will have about 18% more power to finish the workout which you want to do. Make sure though to sip it throughout the day and not force down a few cups at a go.

7.Keeping a food journal

keeping a food journal can always help in observing your calorie intake as well as the food you have eaten. Most online programs also have calorie counter for you to track which will be beneficial for keeping track of your progress on a daily basis. Remember, putting on needed weight can be done but it is a ongoing process which can take about 2-4 weeks to see visible progress. Ensuring that you stay on track with your calorie intake daily will help you achieve that goal faster and more efficiently


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How to Gain Muscle Quick

In this article, i will let you in on a secret on how you can gain muscle quick in the most clean fashion, What do i mean by “clean”? Well, clean means that majority of the weight you can will be pure muscles. This is possible with strict nutrition as well as hard work. This is exceptionally useful if you want to look great during the summer or for a special night.

Nutrition Check

most people forget to do the first step which is to check what is your daily intake of calories. You need to check if you have been getting the right proportion of protein, calories as well as carbohydrates try to aim for about 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight each day.

Limiting Cardio

Note that limiting does not mean abstaining from it totally, try to limit to about 2-3 times per week consisting of light cardiovascular activities such as jogging, swimming or cycling for  about 30 minutes per session. So, why is cardio needed if you want to gain muscles. Well, Cardio helps to improve your stamina for the workouts that you will be undertaking. Do note that weight lifting also requires a certain level of cardiovascular stamina in order to perform it. Also, losing that unwanted fat will help make your muscles toned and defined.

Full Body Workouts or Splitting

you will get the best results from training your whole body in a single session or splitting your muscle groups into two seperate session. For example, upper body for the first session and lower body for the second session. Doing this will ensure that each muscle group receives the amount of attention it needs to develop. Try to concentrate on workouts that involve a few muscle groups at a time. For example, Squats, dead lifts, pull ups and rows.

Eating Regularly

You should be eating close to about 6-7 small meals each day. As long as the right type of food goes down(Majority Protein and calories) you should be able to see visible changes after 2 weeks or so. The reason why so much food is needed is because your muscles need to repair itself from your intensive workouts. Thus it requires more protein and calories in order to repair itself and to grow.

Training Your whole body

Most people have the misconception that only training your upper half will be sufficient little do they know that the more muscles you involve during your workouts, the greater the hormone release your will get, the type of hormones which stimulates muscles growth. Training each muscle group will ensure that your muscles turn out to be proportionate and balanced, allowing you to grow quickly and safely, avoiding unnecessary injuries. view on method on how to gain weight quick


The amount of sleep you should be getting each day should be at least 7-8 hours per day, compromising once a week is alright but when that does happen, try to make up for it on another day by taking an afternoon nap or putting in more hours. Your body has a natural alarm clock which measures the amount of sleep you get per day. Skip a few hours each day and you will find that the following day you will become lethargic and tired due to the lack of sleep. And this can’t be good especially when you are doing your workout on that very day. Recovery is also used to repair the aching muscles from the earlier training which you had. Also, do whatever you can to avoid excess stress. Stress has been proven to cause many illnesses and diseases and can elevate cortisone, which is a type of hormone which makes your body store fat and burn muscle.

Those are the tips on how to gain muscles quick. For more information, do view out articles for more insights.


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Gaining Weight Healthily

People eat in order for them to live and they do not live to eat. Healthy living does not only includes good nutrition but also regular exercise and healthy lifestyle. Whatever people eat affects their well-being physically and mentally.

People need to listen to their bodies. When there is insufficient blood glucose for energy, people can feel it through some signs like feelings of tiredness, low energy and hunger. It is the clear tell sign that it is time to eat something to keep up with the energy requirements of the body. When people wait until they cannot not move anymore because of too much hunger, chances are they will eat quick energy foods which are mostly made of sugar. It may give a sudden surge of energy but in a long run, they may feel more tired than before. It is better to eat proper food in smaller quantities to keep a steady flow of blood sugar into the bloodstream. This stabilizes blood sugar levels and regular sugar levels will be more beneficial in the long run.

Breakfast is especially very important. People may be too busy but they need to eat a good breakfast so that they will have enough energy to do their work and to fight stress for the entire day. School children need to eat a healthy breakfast to boost their performance in school. The brain uses about 20% of the body’s energy so children need to have sufficient energy for their schoolwork. A nutritious breakfast among children also lessens behavioral problems at school. In addition, when you have the goal of gaining mass, breakfast is important in kick starting your day for the strenuous work that you will undertake.

Carbohydrate is needed by the body all throughout the day but more of it in the morning and lesser of it in the evening. Carbohydrate is converted into blood sugar that the body uses for energy. Proteins and healthy fats in the right portions are needed by the body too. It is also wise to refrain from drinking soda or alcohol. For those who would like to reduce weight, they can still eat carbohydrate rich foods but in smaller portions. An all-free carb diet may not be good for the body. To lose weight is to lessen the intake of carbohydrate and more of the other food groups especially fruits and vegetables.

Calories is one of the basic building blocks if you want to gain weight. The amount of Calories which you take will determine the amount of weight you will gain or lose. Especially if you are trying to put on weight fast. It becomes ever so important to ensure that your total intake of calories is more than your usual. This will ensure that you gain the extra weight.

Anti-oxidant rich foods are highly recommended. Fresh fruits and vegetables are good sources of anti-oxidants as well as vitamins and minerals. Anti-oxidants prevent cellular damage that may be caused by free radicals. Vitamins and minerals help in building a strong immune system to fight any illness. This food group also slows down the aging process.

People need to eat proper food. It would be better to avoid processed food as much as possible. Chemicals, preservatives and other harmful ingredients pose very grave danger to people’s health. Home cooked food is always the best. At least people know exactly what they have used. It may be a lot of work but it is all worth it if every member of the family is healthy and strong. People need to eat right and be healthy for longer, productive and happy lives.



Losing Fats and Gaining Weight Healthily

This topic might seem contradictory because losing fat and gaining weight seem to be two contrasting things. However, there is the need to differentiate between fat and weight in order to appreciate this topic. There is healthy weight which has nothing to do with fat. Although fat adds to weight when people mount the scale, it is not healthy and must be burned to make room for the body to gain real weight.

Burning fat and gaining weight can happen at the same time although that is not a very easy task, since the body is only comfortable doing just one of the two at the same time. Therefore the conditions that should be make this possible must exist. These conditions are as follow.

  1. You must be overweight with a body fat ration beyond 15 percent. This is the only time that you can really lose fat and gain weight at the same time. What this means is that there must be some fat to lose.
  2. You should be out of shape, meaning you have never gone through body building regimes. That means your body will be ready to respond fast to stimulations from exercise to build stronger and bigger muscles.
  3. The other way could be that you have taken a long rest from your exercise routines, have lost some muscles and gain some weight (fat) as a result.

There are three things you can do to make both fat loss and weight gain go on at the same time.

Eat less fat

Since it is fat you want to lose and not real body weight, you must remove non essential fats from your diet. You must only allow unsaturated fats such as fish oil, flaxseed oil and olive oil from your diet. These oils are needed for essential omega-3 fatty acids. Apart from these, all other fats such as animal fat should be out of your diet. Your diet should not contain more than 10% fat. But you need to increase protein intake as well low calorie releasing foods.

Such examples of foods consist of nuts as well as seeds

Do cardio

Cardio is the best exercise for burning fat. Including cardio in your training regime will optimize the way your body burns fat. Neglecting cardio will mean compromising on fat burning which will in turn make muscle gain difficult.

Weight training

Such exercises are intended stimulate the muscles to grow in size and strength. Weight training is what makes the muscles grow and should also not be ignored.

What this means is there is the need for a balance between cardio and weight training in order to lose fat and build up at the same time. It should always be clear that this is not a simple task.



Put on Weight Fast in 1 week

It takes time to gain weight. This is especially the case for those whose metabolism rates are very high. For such people a lot of effort is needed to gain a few pounds. However, it comes to a time when such people don’t have the luxury of time to put on the right amount of weight they desire. This is usually the case when there is an important social event coming up when the person has to look his best, to be able to fit in a role that is assigned to him or her.

Such a person may be looking for about two kilograms of weight in as little as a week. This might seem an impossible task. But there is nothing to be considered impossible in the world today. What is necessary is the right knowledge and dedication.

If you want to gain two kilograms in a week, you must be ready to work extra hard for it. Your motivation should be extra high in order to achieve your goals. You will have to adopt and follow stringent eating habits during the period.

You must set daily goals that you must monitor. You must gain at least 286 grams a day. If you miss this in a single day, then you will not achieve your desire. You must check your weight each morning before you start the day’s activities.

Eat a lot.

This is not just the ordinary phrase you read in weight gain articles. You must be ready to gorge yourself during the period. Eat meals parked with all kinds of protein foods in ways that will make you take a lot of them. One way is to take these foods in the form of powder. Add foods like powdered fish, powdered meat, and grated eggs to your soups and salad servings. That way you can take much of them without getting tired.

Limit physical activity

This is crucial for people whose metabolisms are high. The least uncontrolled physical activity you undertake might lead to high losses which could be serious drawbacks for your goals. You must refrain from doing certain exercises like cardio during the period in question.

Rest is critical

This will help you conserve the needed calories that are translated into weight. Rest also slows down the rate of metabolism. One sure way of ensuring that the whole body rests is by sleeping. You must go to bed early and get up late.

Use supplements

You cannot gain two kilograms a week without the use of good supplements. You need weight gain supplements such as protein bars, protein shakes and powders to boost the levels of the nutrients you get from food. These are readily convertible without the body losing much energy.


Drink a lot of water. More than the recommended eight glasses a day. You cannot take this out of your plan. 70% of your body is and must be water.

Remember, gaining two kilograms in a week is not an ordinary weight gain endeavor. You must to more than the ordinary to make it happen.



Gaining Weight Healthily

There are risks associated with being lean that most people don’t hear about because most of the talk is about the dangers of weight. Extra lean people have weaker immune systems increasing their risks of infections and surgical complications. That is why skinny people should try hard to put on some amount of healthy weight.
There are many ways of gaining weight: some are healthy others are not. That means those looking for ways of gaining weight should look for the right ways and not those that put them at risk. Here are five effective steps that can help people gain weight in a healthy and sustainable way.
Eat More Protein
Those who want to gain weight must change their diet drastically in order to supply their bodies with the right types of nutrients and in their right quantities that will support weight gain. They must eat the right combination of carbohydrates, proteins and fat. When it comes to fat, they must eat the right kinds which are unsaturated fats such as olive oil, pistachios, walnuts and fish oils. Protein should not be less than 15 percent of diet. Alternatively, they can also add weight gainers into their diet in order to supplment their growth
Eat Bigger
The quantity of food eaten must also be changed. You cannot change your weight by eating the same amount of food you are used to eating. There must be a difference in how you eat. Those who want to put on weight must eat at least six meals a day. If they don’t have the time do this, then they must find ways of increasing the protein content of their meals by including things like grated eggs, ground chicken, and nonfat dried milk.
Avoid Sugar and Fat
They must however avoid dangerous fats and sugar. These foods lead to accumulation of fat which can cause serious health problems. Fat gain is not the same as weight gain.
Exercise is necessary for gaining weight the right way. Diet provides the necessary calories and amino acids for body building but exercise is what ensures that the body uses these nutrients to build muscles. Muscles grow when they are stressed and exercise is what produces that stress.
Water is a very important ingredient for healthy weight gain. About 70% of the human body is made of water. That is why weight gain becomes difficult for those don’t drink enough water. The least quantity of water any person should drink in a day is eight glasses. When you drink enough water. You will notice that your urine will be clear color which is of a healthy color tone. That is one of the most clear indication that you are hydrated.


How to Put on Weight Fast

There are many people out there looking for ways of gaining weight and muscle. But a large number of these people are not much aware of what makes muscle grow. They therefore get involved in various exercises hoping to add more mass to their bodies. No doubt many fail in achieving their goals. Those who understand how muscle grows know that the fastest way of gaining more mass is by increasing resistance in weight training.
Muscle does not grow on its own. It grows for a purpose, in response to a challenge presented by a difficult task. During exercise, the muscles go through some amount of trauma that makes them breakdown. Then, in order to heal, the body causes more cells to be produced to replace the worn out ones. The new cells are usually produced in higher quantities than needed for the repairs. The excess new cells grow into new muscle fiber leading to an increase in muscle size.
What this means is that it is not the amount of exercise done that leads to muscle and weight gain. It is rather the effectiveness of the exercises, how it stimulates the muscles to provoke a response in production of more cells. That is where resistance comes in. The higher the resistance during workout, the faster the muscles produce new muscle fiber to make them increase in size.
Once the body gets used to a certain level of stimulation and feels comfortable about it, there will be little or no resistance and therefore no weight or muscle gain. The person involved must then look for ways of increasing the resistance level. This can be done in three possible ways.
1. More reps with the same weight
By doing more reps with the same weight, the muscles are forced to go beyond what is comfortable. That creates more resistance and more muscle breakdown which will in turn trigger the production of more cells for repair.
2. The same number of reps with a heavier weight
What this means is that the muscles will have to respond to the challenge presented by the increase in the weight being lifted. The muscles must therefore grow to overcome the new level of resistance.
3. The same weight, the same number of reps, but shorter periods of rest.
Rest is a part of muscle building workout. Rest gives muscles the chance to recuperate and get ready for the next session. If the rest period is longer, the body regains its form and does the next task without difficulty. By shortening the rest period, resistance is created as the muscles do not recuperate enough.
Those who want to gain more muscle fast should therefore find ways of increasing resistance during their workouts.