Common Questions for Muscle Building

In this post, i will be address the more common questions that people have regarding their training. Hopefully this will help you clear your doubts and allow you to gain weight quickly.

  • I normally have no time to go to the gym 3 times a week so i normally pack a 3 hour gym session per week to train my full body. Is there any difference when i do this compared to going to the gym 3 times a week?
This question is one of the most common question if you want to gain weight quickly. Is a long training session better than 3 short trainings? Well , the answer is that 3 short training will be much more effective than just 1 training per week no matter how long your 1 training can be. The reason behind this is due to muscle repair and recovery. When you train for too long for 1 session, you will traumatize your muscle at a very rapid rate and will take much longer to repair itself. Then when the next training arrives the next week, your muscle have already recuperated completely which is exactly what you do not want to achieve. You just cannot expect to let your muscle recover and grow at a rapid rate. The reason behind this is because you need to force/strain your muscles to grow in order to lift the weight or do a heavier rate. This is why it is better to have 3 different training days per week so that you can constantly strain your muscles to make them grow.
If you are unable to head to the gym 2-3 times a week and can only stick to just 1 workout session per week, then i would suggest cranking up the intensity in order to compensate for the loss of training days. This means lesser rests, heavier weights as well as more sets per muscle group.
  • At which stage did i notice a significant muscle growth, does it take long and what will contribute to the muscle growth?
Ahh, the question that most eagle beginners normally ask before they decide whether gaining muscles is really worth it and whether it requires a lot of effort in order to do so. Well, my biggest change in my muscle growth was observed during the first 4 months of my muscle growth regime, After i bought Vince Del Monte’s No Nonsense Muscle building program, I really started to take things really seriously. I desperately needed a change in my body and i needed it quick! If you would like to read my entire story and how the program really changed my life, CLICK HERE. This period really stretched me to my limit in terms of my nutrition as well as my habits. My eating habits had to take a 180° turn and it took really long to get used to. Instead of eating 3 meals a day, i found myself looking for food every 2 hours which resulted in a whopping 7 meals per day on a average. I was eating the essential protein and whey that was needed in order to help my muscles recover as well as build them. If you are wondering how long it took, people especially friends and families saw a significant change after 1 month when my biceps, chest as well as abs became more defined and boy it was really satisfying. However, i must say that it was the nutrition as well as hard work that really helped me to become who i am today, i would say that anyone can succeed. It is just a matter of how badly you want to change.
  • How long should i rest in between a set or an exercise
Though there is no definite formula that you should follow when it comes to resting, i normally recommend at the maximum 1 minute of rest in between sets. The reason behind this is you do not want to let your muscles wear out and fatigue itself, and too much rest can cause that. You normally want to be at about 90% of your full strength before you start your new set and 1 minute is a good gauge if you want to follow this. However, if you would like a more intensive workout, i normally recommend having only about 30 seconds breaks in between and continuing with the next set with a slightly lower weight or the same weight depending if you have enough strength to do so. If you are doing heavy drop sets which will normally require a lot of stamina and strength, i will recommend a longer rest time of about 2 minutes. However, you should maintain your concentration and not let your mind wonder.
  • What did i use to help me keep my concentration and guidance for my workouts
Prior to purchasing Vince Del Monte’s No Nonsense muscle building guide book, i would normally do the basics on my own, although i managed to gain some weight through this method of self reliance, i did not really gain the kind of solid muscle mass i was looking for. In addition, i did not know what correct food to eat in order to maximise my gains. I decided finally after 3 months of training but little results that i realized i needed some kind of guide or someone to really help me keep my focus and to formulate a system for me. That was when i found this guide. I must say it was really the best thing that ever happened to me. Not only did i train right after getting the guide, i also learnt more about the composition of my body and the amount of calories and protein i needed to consume in order to gain weight, lose fats and to gain muscle. Vince Del Monte’s No Nonsense guide book is a must buy if you are a beginner or you are getting serious about gaining substantial weight gain in the fastest time possible. If you would like to check out his website, do click here to find out more

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How to Evaluate What workout Works for You

Take a look on the internet and you will find many “experts” and “professional body builders” that are on the internet trying to sell you their method of training in hope that you will buy their overpriced workout solution in order that you achieve their perfect bodies in a short period of time. These “professionals” want you to have the impression that their methods are just better than the rest and that they have found a secret technique that requires little work in order to achieve the beach body that you desire.

Well, I’m here to let you know that all these are just plain old scams trying to milk you of your money buying supplements as well as guide after guides. In fact, I was the person that I described in the above. I wanted that beach body so badly that I would spend hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars per year just on supplements as well as guides in hope that I will be able to achieve what the model was able to achieve. However, that was not the case for me. Not only did I stay the same way that I was originally, my health took a turn for the worse because some of the supplements that I was taking apparently had some ingredients that I was allergic to.

After my years of experience buying such products and guides and exercise machines, I am here to tell you that not all body builders and models are that obsessive about their bodies and that some in fact are rather lazy but they still manage to achieve the bodies that they desire. That was then that i realized that it was all about understanding your body and performing the exercise/workout that you need to boost your performance and results.

The key point is to find a program that you can be comfortable with. I understand that not everyone that wants to have a great body does have the time to do so. Most of us including me have our own lives to live and we will only be able to squeeze about 5-6 hours a week into exercising and working out. This is why nowadays there are more programs that are targeted towards the lifestyle of those people.

Building a great looking body just requires you to do the right exercise with the right amount of quantity and form. This is why you will probably need a program to guide you in the correct steps to take so that you do not waste unnecessary time on workouts and exercise that you do not need. If you would like to find out more about the programs that I would recommend and the one that I am currently using right now, do take a look at Vince Del Monte’s No Nonsense workout program that really helped me to excel in gaining muscle mass without any gimmicks whatsoever.




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3 reasons why people fail to achieve their weight gain goals

1.Setting Goals properly

Goals are one of the most important factor especially if you are trying to gain weight within a certain amount of time. Without any goals in mind, training just becomes a routine activity where you will not strive to impove. This is why setting goals at different stages is so important. Your goals should be S.M.A.R.T

Specific-what do you want to target

Measurable-results that can be measured

Attainable-something that can be done

Realistic-something you can achieve based on your own strength

Timely-with a time limit

Being specific with your goals ensure that you have a specific target to reach. This is exceptionally important if you are into gaining serious muscle mass. For example, losing 2% of body fat by the end of February. With this sentence, you can see that it is specific, measureable, attainable, realistic and timely.

To sum it all up, setting a personal goal at your different stages is important before you start rushing to the gym to do your workouts.


2.Getting a Muscle building Program

Sad to say, many beginners as well as intermediate body builders either make the mistake of doing the wrong type of exercise or eat the wrong kind of food which can be detrimental to your weight gaining efforts. This is why it is important to either set for yourself a good regime that you can follow on a regular basis or get a muscle building program that will help you set your goals, give you the right exercise routine depending on the parts you want to work out as well as the diet to have in order to maximise your muscle gain.

One example of such a program is Vince Del Monte’s No Nonsense Muscle Building program. The program not only contains a ton of helpful information such as an exercise workout routine for you to follow, it also helps you to calculate your metabolism rate and advises you on the food to eat in accordance to your metabolism rate. There is also a well of information that can be found on their forum so that you can ask any questions or clear any doubts you might have. For more information on the program do check out this video where i did a navigation in their member site.




3.Rest and Recovery

Sad to say this, even  expert body builders often make the mistake of overtraining themselves and end up either injuring themselves or lose muscle mass as a result.

In order to grow muscles, you need to have adequate rest as well as recovery. This means a lot of sleep as well as nutrients that you need to help your muscle to recover faster.

Ensuring that you stay hydrated and have enough sleep each day can ensure that your workouts during the day is maximised and it also keeps you energetic when you start your next workout.

To Conclude

Hopefully you were able to pick up some pointers from this article and help to adjust or start out your new weight gain goal. Working out in the gym is essential but it is not how you gain muscles quickly, you need to be able to balance your nutrition and your well being with your workout in order to gain weight quickly. Analyze where you have gone wrong and do some testing to find out what works best for your body, alternatively, visit your nutritionist or get professional help such as Vince Del Monte which can be found on his website to help  quicken this process.


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What’s Your New Years Resolution?

2011 has just come to a close and i have been wondering, how many of you have actually reached their goals whether it is weight related or anything to do with your lifestyle.

Well, at the beginning of 2011 these were some of the goals that i set for myself.

  • 160lbs
  • 6 pack abs
  • build up a blog that i can use to help others

As i look back at 2011, i have only managed to achieve one of the 3 goals that i have set for myself. Maybe its the lack of motivation or just being plain old lazy, however, i must say that making this blog has been worth my while and it was really one of the key factors that i am still maintaining my goal of becoming 160 lbs. As the new year begin to unfold, setting for myself new goals is essential so that i do not lose focus of what i want and i hope that many of you will do the same. Especially if you too are looking for ways on how to gain weight. Below are the few goals that i have set for myself as well as the blog.


  • posting an article or interesting news fact at least once a week.
  • making new videos which will help the audience with their workout regimes


  • Bench 30lbs more than my previous year’s record
  • Run a marathon


These are some of the goals that i have set for myself for 2012. If you guys are interested, do feel free to post what your 2012 goals are for this year. This way, you will be focused on achieving your goal and strive harder towards it. Keep training and keep lifting. See you guys year end for some evaluation.



Proper Diet and Exercise

Combining proper diet and regular exercise will bring about better health conditions. However, a particular diet that may work on some people may not work for others. It is the same problem with doing exercises. Some people follow an exercise program and get good results but other may do the same but are not able to decrease weight or gain muscles like bodybuilders. That is why it is important to identify what program works for you to get the best bang for your buck.

Individuals who would like to enroll in workouts or other exercise programs need a special kind of diet. Weightlifters need more energy to burn in a very short period of time. Those who would like to do aerobic or caridio exercises need stamina and endurance to last more than 20 minutes of continuous physical activity. The energy requirements differ, hence one diet for all will not work.

The ratio of carbohydrates to protein requirement will vary greatly. Aside from the kind of exercise program, one has to consider his or her metabolic rate too. People in cardio exercise programs and those who are in resistance exercise programs may need to sit down with their trainers and nutritionists to help them determine how much calorie intake they need in order to get the maximum benefit of their workouts.

Food eaten takes a little time to be digested and the energy in the form of blood glucose can be used at about an hour or two after a meal. It is at this time, that workouts and exercises may be more effective. If a person skips his or her scheduled workout after a heavy calorie meal, this unused energy will be stored as fat. For those who do light exercises only, it is advisable to walk for a few minutes after so that the body starts using the available energy.

The brain and the body need a constant supply of blood glucose. By the time all energy is used after a heavy workout, the body’s supply of energy needs to be replenished. A well-planned meal after exercise is also important so that the body will not start breaking down muscle tissues to be used as energy after conversion. The brain needs a constant supply of energy as well to keep it functioning properly. Some experts may recommend food supplements to boost energy level during workouts but people need to be careful before deciding to take any supplement.

After a heavy intense exercise, some people may experience aches or pains usually several hours after the workout. These pains come from tissue damages or micro tears. The body naturally heals itself. However, healing can be hastened through sufficient rest and proper food.

Before engaging in any exercise program, people must know what they would like to achieve—to grow muscles, to lose weight or for health reasons. They would also need to understand how the exercises will help them achieve what they like. They must be able to adjust their diet and lifestyle if needed to attain their goals because to do workouts need self-discipline and self-motivation. For a long healthy life, people should do their exercises regularly and eat the proper and the right amount of food for their individual needs.



Effective Stress Management

Stress has a lot of negative effects on people’s physical, mental or psychological well-being. Medical research has shown that excessive stress can lead to many types of illnesses and diseases. However, stress is a part of life that people need to learn how to live by. The key to longevity is an effective stress management so people will be able to cope with it and deal with the problem effectively.

When people are able to manage stress very well, they reduce their chances of being affected by heart illnesses, high blood pressure and countless of other health problems. They will be able to build a stronger immune system and avoid indulging into addictive behavior as they try to compensate their inability to cope with the demands of stress. Some of these behaviors may include alcohol, nicotine addiction, eating disorders and workaholic tendencies. Proper stress management also lessens the incidence of social withdrawal and other self-destructive mechanisms that creates a barrier by isolating one’s self.

People can learn how to deal with stress from the moment they wake up and start their day. A healthy breakfast arms the body with strength and stamina to do the daily work and equips people with a higher tolerance level. People need to keep up with the physical and mental demands of their daily tasks. As the day progresses, sufficient healthy food should help them continue their day well until evening. The key here is for people to understand that what they eat practically affects their mood and well-being. Proper nutrition is very important to avoid mood swings and keep the body and mind energized to be able to withstand the stress all day long.

Especially if you want to gain some weight for an event or you have a goal, having good stress management will help you maintain your focus for the goal you have.

People who are living sedentary lifestyles are more prone to stress. Working out the muscles not only helps in the circulation of blood but also in maintaining regular metabolism. When body systems are functioning well stress is eliminated because the body as well as the mind works at its best too. The brain releases happy hormones instead of the toxic chemicals that harm the body especially the heart when one is sad or depressed.

The body and the mind need to rest and relax. The body heals faster when it is at rest. People can pamper their senses through delightful sounds, sights as well as natural fragrances. A warm leisurely bath may relieve people from the day’s aches and stress.

Family members can work together to accomplish chores. Mothers can delegate some of the simpler task to children so everybody gets a hand in keeping the chores done and not left for one person to do. Besides, dirty dishes, unkempt room and all clutters can drive one out of his or her mind.

Deal with the problem as soon as it arises. If people just learn to nip it right there in the bud; then, it will not bother them that much. People need to learn how to communicate their needs, their apprehensions and other feelings without being angry. Arguments may not be avoided but as much as possible to resolve all immediate matters before going to bed. A good night’s sleep will be the best after a hard day’s work. Effective stress management is the key to a happy and longer lifespan.



Diets to Gain Weight

There are a good number of people out there looking for means of gaining weight although the main talk in the media today is weight loss. One fact that keeps coming up when it comes to gaining weight is that people who want weight must eat. There is so much emphasis on food that it seems eating is the only way of gaining weight. A close look at the subject however reveals that food is a very important factor but not the sole factor.
Why food is important

Food is needed to supply all the necessary nutrients – calories, proteins, vitamins and minerals that are needed as building blocks for muscles. It is therefore not wrong for trainers and coaches to insist on changing diet as a way of gaining weight. Skinny people find it very difficult to put on weight because their rate of metabolism is very high. If they want to put on weight then they must eat extra so that there will be extra nutrients left for body building. This accounts for the emphasis on eating as a way of gaining weight.
Exercise is needed
However, eating alone cannot ensure weight gain. There is the need for exercise to force muscles to expand. A little understanding of this factor will help here. When we exercise the right way, the muscles are stressed leading to minor damages in them. The body then produces repair cells to help heal the damages. Since the body will not like to go through such trauma again, it produces more than enough cells for repairs. The extra is converted into new muscle fiber which make muscles grow in size. Eating all the food available without going through right exercise regime will only lead fat gain which is a health hazard.
Rest is also important
The other factor that should be considered for weight gain is rest. Rest allows the body to conserve the precious calories needed for building muscles. Lack of adequate rest will keep the system working normally which means burning more calories. Another side of rest is that it is the time that the body repairs damaged muscles. That is why rest is a major part of all muscle building programs.
The importance of food in weight gain can never be overstated, but it is not the all in all of weight gain. Weight gain is a combination of many factors none of which should be ignored.


Is Exercise Essential for Skinny guys?

Most skinny people have the misconception that exercise is not essential when one wants to gain weight and that stuffing your face full of food will enable you to gain the desired mass.

This is  inaccurate and that idea should be thrown out of the window! Muscle is relatively heavier than fats. Thus, your main goal should be to gain muscles and lose fats. Although fats are essential for the body to function, an access is can have adverse effect on a person’s body. Excess fats will also lead to obesity which can be a serious problem.

Exercise can be anything from working out in the gym, taking a 30 min stroll, jogging or even working out at home. One should exercise preferably 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes a day to be in great shape.

Some tips to note when working out:

  • Maintain physical Form when doing exercises (pushups, Pull ups, Sit-ups, etc.)
  • Don’t over exceed your limits
  • Adequate Rest in between sets as well as training days
  • Hydrate yourself while working out
  • Eating before(1h-2h) and after your workouts to gain muscle mass