How to Maintain Body Weight

If you are comfortable with your weight and you just want to keep your body in tone and in shape, there is not much need to bulk up or to do heavy weight lifting exercises in order to maintain your weight. Today in this article, i will be listing down the mistakes that people commonly make and also the important steps to maintain your weight without losing your muscle or gaining excess fats.

Eating Right

If you feel that you are still continuously gaining weight, it could be that you are eating too much, a very active person with about 7- 18 hours of strenous work needs about 3000 calories in order for them to maintain your weight, if you are hitting above that amount, you are probably eating too much. Try lessening your portion of food and you should be able to maintain your weight the way you want it. For example eating a smaller portion of rice, meat pasta etc. If you feel that your stomach won’t be satisfied from eating such a small portion, you can break down your meals into many small meals so that your stomach will constantly be filled.


Exercising More

Exercise plays a crucial role in maintaining one’s weight, chances when you are gaining weight though you do not want to is that you are not incorporating any cardiovasular exercises such as running, cycling or swimming into your exercise routine, swimming is one of the best ways that most people and myself included to burn the unwanted calories and fats. Swimming has been known to be the best kind of cardiovasular activity because swimming requires the movement of both your arms and legs. Swimming can help you to lose about 1000Kcal/h depending on your pace and other factors such as your heartbeat, age and height. Cycling is also one of the best activities to burn calories and is also one of the most relaxing activity to do. continuous cycling can help you lose about 700 Kcal/h.

Doing compound exercises as well to maintain your muscle mass should be done continually. Some examples of compound exercises are chin-ups, pull-ups, bench presses, squats as well as deadlift.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about how you can gain muscle mass and lose fats at the same time. Click here to find out more.


picture by:luigi diamanti