Diet for Optimum Weight Gaining Performance

Properly following a diet designed for a bodybuilder can help you to gain weight quickly and to lose stored body fat and to maintain a better body physique. However, you have to follow a strict guideline in order to succeed. In this post, i will be sharing with you the guidelines that you need.



The meals that you consume are very important and are a key deciding factor for your success, choose foods that will really complement each other, the meals you take should also have a good balance of carbohydrates, protein as well as unsaturated fats, you should also vary into your meals a variety of fruits and vegetables which contains vitamins and minerals that is essential for effective weight gain. For those who have a difficulty eating a good serving of vegetables, try drinking vegetable juices which can be a substitute for eating vegetables for your meals. one things to take note of is to consume lesser salt or use alternatives such as herbs and spices.

Because your body requires significantly more calories in order to gain weight, you need to eat a meal at least once every 3 hours, if you miss a meal, o not make up for it by eating double the next period as your body will not be able to absorb the nutrients and will turn the calories into fats. Ensure that you are getting omea 3 fatty acids into your diet as well, it helps to cerb your diet by tricking your body into thinking that it is getting fats and will help to release your body’s fat stores. One source of omega 3 fatty acids is flax seeds and walnuts


Staying hydrated is of the outmost performance, a very easy guideline is to stay hydrated is to drink about 1 cup of water or 300 ml of water every 2 hours. Staying hydrated ensures that you recover properly after your workout sessions and to ensure that your performance is at the highest levels. To help gauge the amount of water you need in order to function properly, you should devide your weight in pounds by two. With that result, that is the amount of water you need to consume in ounces.


Supplements are just about the trickiest thing to consume. Because if the amount of supplements that are widely available in the market now, it is difficult to differentiate the products and to tell supplement is the best for you. Supplements should never be used as a substitute for food but rather as the title says “supplement” your meals. The safest supplement that you can use for muscle gain is whey protein; whey protein is low in fats and high in protein which can really help with your pre workout nutrition or after workout nutrition. Supplements should always be consumed only before and after your workouts for the best performance.


When Its Good to Cheat on Your Diet

So you probably made your goal of gaining 10lbs so that you will look great and feel great during the summer, you have probably got your diet as well as exercise regime all figured out. However, what do you do when youKeerati get the sudden craving for that junk food or that ice cream you have been longing for months? You probably heard of the phrase that cheaters never get a good outcome. However, in certain cases this might not be entirely true. There should be certain times that you can give yourself a little break on your diet. Don’t get me wrong about skiving on your diet. Nutrition is great for your body but restricting your body from the food that you are used to can be quite taxing on the mind, especially if you are doing this on extended periods of time. When you start craving for deserts of that bag of potato chips, it’s easy to wander away from your goal but will power and dedication can still bring you the results that you want. Studies have shown that giving in to your cravings can do you good in a long run. Not only does it relax your mind, it helps in your metabolic burning rate.

So should I give in to my cravings all the time?

Of course not! While this can give you an excuse to eat what you always wanted during your diet, it is important to keep your diet under control, for example, maybe eating a few slices of pizza or eating a bag of potato chips over a period of one month is reasonable. Much more than that should be avoided to prevent extra fat gain. In addition to your diet for weight gain, it is also important to accompany your weight gain diets with weight lifting exercises which can dramatically increase your muscle mass. These results will be further enhanced if you keep to your diet for a few months.

How should i know how much to eat?

Different people have different metabolism rate, not to include the different activities that one can do throughout the day as well as your age. As such, it is important to use a metabolic calculate which can help you determine how much calories, proteins and unsaturated fats you should consume on a daily basis. For more information on the metabolic calculator to use. do Click here or visit Vince Del Monte No Nonsense Weight Loss Program that i myself am using and seeing great results from it.



Avoid all Low calorie Diets

Overweight individuals always have the misconception that going on a diet will enable them to look much better physically. However, did you know that half of the weight that you lose during your low calorie diet will consist of muscle, water as well as glycogen. Only a small percentage of fats will be lost. In addition,due to the fact that throughout your diet you will hardly be doing any exercise, your metabolism rate will be greatly affected in a negative way.

Low Metabolism Rate Effects

  • You tend to gain weight(fats) at a faster rate because your body will burn calories at a much slower rate.

Also, do note that the diet will gain back more fats than muscles before even starting on the diet. If you were even overweight to begin, this already proves that you have a metabolism problem and going on a diet will dramatically slower your metabolism rate even further.

I want to Lose Fats!

What You Should Do

We all know that exercising helps you to lose weight, exercising helps to increase your metabolism rate which will help your body to burn calories faster. If you are overweight and you are looking to lose some weight. Try to do some cardiovascular exercises such as running, cycling or swimming for a start for 1 hour for every 3 sessions a week. This will jolt your body to increase it’s metabolism rate and will help you to eventually lose fats.


During this period, it is important to take note of your diet as well. Replace your diet with lesser carbohydrates and eat slightly more protein that you usually would. The additional protein will help you build muscles as well as you lose weight.

I am looking to Gain Muscle Mass

What you should do

If you are looking to gain muscle mass and lose fats at the same time. You need to spend majority of your time in the gym instead of doing cardiovascular exercises. Utilizing gym equipments to do compound exercises should be your priority in the gym. Some examples of such exercises includes bench presses, dead lifts, squats as well as pull ups. These exercises utilizes multiple muscle groups which will dramatically speed up your muscle gaining process.


During this period of time, try to stick to a protein diet which in following manner:

60% protein


10% unsaturated fats

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What are good fats?

America has come to realize that not all fats are bad fats and that not all fats can make us fat. One great example are avocados which contains roughly 80% fat, but 2 thirds of that fat comes from mono saturated fatty acids, which can also be called good fats. Monounsaturated fatty acids not only lowers the odds of obesity, but it has been proven to reduce the percentage of contracting heart diseases. Without a doubt, avocados will make you leaner, healthier and also smarter.

Its no wonder that more and more restaurants and eateries are coming up with menus which contains avocados. One great example is Carl’s Jr with it’s Guacamole Turkey Burger which contains avocados and other meat. 

What i normally do to include my meal with avocados

One great way to combine avocados with your meals is to make sandwiches. Sandwiches are not only extremely portable, it is also extremely easy to make. My sandwich recipe normally contains a mixture of vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers as well as lettuce. I then add a generous serving of crushed avocado along with some lean meat such as a piece of grilled skinless chicken breast. 

Alternatively, you can create an avocado milkshake which you can drink during your meals. Below are the steps on how to create a delicious avocado milkshake

Blend the following till the mixture is smooth:

  • Evaporated Milk
  • Avocados
  • Some water
  • Low-Fat Milk


What to Look out for?

If you are looking to gain weight fast, be sure to look out for seeds, nuts, fish oil as well as avocados because these foods contain unsaturated fats which can be beneficial for your weight gain efforts.


Best Supplement For Weight Gain

Finding the best supplements to boost your weight gain efforts is one of the most important decision you have to make. Especially when weight gaining supplements are usually expensive. Making the wrong decision can also mean 30-100 dollars down the drain. In this article, i will be addressing about the problems in many supplements as well as what to avoid and lastly, how to find the best weight gaining supplement you can get to boost your performance as well as what to avoid.

Problem 1: Whats in there?!

Having some experience in the weight supplement industry, i have taken my fair share of choosing the wrong products that does close to nothing in helping my body to gain the weight and i do not want the same to happen to you. Not only is it frustrating, it is also a waste of money and time.

A lot of companies are falsely giving hyped up claims about the results of their supplements giving you great results and saying that you will be able to get a model’s body within a few weeks using their product. These products do very little to nothing at all in helping you achieve your goal of gaining weight and is often very expensive.

In response to this problem, what i advise is doing some research on the product before buying, try to find website where reviews are done such as the products found here. In addition, try to find out the ingredients used in the products, avoid any foreign ingredient if you are unsure of and consult someone who knows what they are doing.

Problem 2: Price!

More often than not, you will probably buy your weight gaining supplement from a physical store near you. While i do encourage supporting your local store, most stores jack up the price way up above the recommended retail price due to the fact that supplements are pretty rare unless found in specialty stores. In addition, some of the sales personnel in the store might just be part timers and not well verse in weight gaining products. In fact, some of them might be even giving you the wrong advice because they have no education in nutrition whatsoever. Are you really that willing to spend all that money on a product that does no good for you? i guess not.

What i normally do is to first find the product i have online or search for products online, secondly find some thorough review which goes through its benefits and flaws and access the products accordingly from there. One of the best ways i get my product from is through amazon which offers free shipping. Especially when such supplements weigh i lot. I find that ordering online makes it more convenient.


Now that i have addressed the problems that might arise when you are looking to buy your weight gaining supplement, here are some tips on how to find one that suits you as well as some examples which i myself use for weight gain.

Type of Supplement:

If you are a beginner and you are getting your first weight gaining supplement, it is very important that you identify which type of supplement you should take in order to gain weight fast. Some of the more common categories include whey protein and mass gainers. So what are the differences? Whey protein is a great substitute for protein especially right after you do your workout. It is always advisable to eat almost immediately after your workout and at times food can be hard to obtain especially if you are away from home or far from an eatery. As such, whey protein supplements are a great way to maximize your workout by supplying your body with the nutrition it needs to gain muscle mass.

Mass gainers work the same way, just that they are a form of meal replacement and is a great source of calories especially for hard gainers or skinny people these mass gainers normally contain about 700 calories to 1000 calories in a single serving so balancing this product with meals should be taken into precaution to prevent over eating.


Supplements i use and Review:

In this article, i will be introducing 2 of the supplements which i use for my weekly routine.

First up,

Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard

This is one of the trusted products that i use normally after my workout. Not only is it low in carbs, it also contains 24g of pure muscle building protein which is vital for gaining muscle mass. It is also a fast acting protein which means that the protein gets absorbed into your body quickly for optimum results. Results may vary but personally i’ve gained about 10lbs in a matter for 2.5 weeks. The product also comes in many different flavors and is really a great product in general because of the price and nutritional values.

Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Juice, 10.45 lb

This is one of the best product that i have taken especially since i am a hard gainer, trying other sources of calories did not seem to work like ultimate nutrition muscle juice does. Not only does it contain 55g of protein per serving which is great for after workouts. Each serving also contains 1000+ calories which is a great meal replacement. I usually take this only when i feel i have not reached my calorie limit for the day for gaining muscle. The product comes in many flavors and also comes in two different sizes. I would recommend the bigger size though due to the fact that it is more worth the price and also you won’t run out of supply for a longer period.

For more information about the exercises to also undertake while taking supplements, click here. Also, check out the program that is really beneficial for guiding you in your weight gaining experience by Clicking here




Foods to Eat to Gain Weight

When placed with the goal of gaining weight. You need to be selective about the food that you eat in order to gain weight quickly. Most people fail to do that and often fail in putting in mass which they want.  Here might be some of the situations you may be facing. I also faced the same situation till I found out some of the terrible myths that I have been practicing was Busted! Click here to find out more about the Many busted weight gaining myths!



Starting the day of with breakfast is always a great way to boost your energy level. The type of breakfast you take will determine whether you have energy for the whole day or just for the first few hours. It is recommended that you either take cereal with fresh fruits and low fat milk to boost your energy and natural sugar level. I will normally recommend having a bowlful of low fat milk, regular cornflakes, adding fruits such as strawberries, apple slices, oranges as well as kiwi and avocados into my bowl to ensure that I get the vitamins and minerals I need to start the day. I also usually add in a couple of lightly crushed almonds or macadamias to get my daily dose of unsaturated oils for essential healthy weight gain. Fruits is also essential for dilating your body vessels, making it easier for your body to pump the blood to the required portions of your body


Before working out

Because I tend to workout 2-3 times a week, I normally try to workout in my school gym for about 1 hour per session because of my busy student life. It is essential to have a pre workout meal in order to reach your possible potential when working out. It is best to have your meal about 1-2 hours depending on your metabolism rate in order for the food you eat to be the most effective. This time period is essential for your body to digest the food to “feed” your muscles. This is when I would recommend you to take your protein shakes if you have any or if in solid foods, I will normally have 1 or 2 chicken or salmon sandwiches for that extra protein.


After working out


Most people have the question of how long should I wait after my workout before I start eating. Well, the answer is as fast as possible, there is normally a window of time where it will be the most beneficial to eat which is normally within 30min to 1 hour. The best food to eat after your workout is actually whey protein powder or mass gainer powder because liquid meals are much faster to digest which also means that the protein is quicker to absorb into your body. Also, whey protein is the best and fastest form of protein there is which makes it the more popular choice after workouts for most people. Optionally, you can also have a portion of protein filled foods suc as fish chicken, beef etc. This is also why I normally eat my lunch after working out because it seems much easier to do so.


Meal after Lunch

I usually try to sqeeze in a small meal whenever I am bulking up so that I will be able to get more calories into my system, because bulking up requires a higher calorie intake, I usually take a small small consisting of protein and carbs which normally comes in a form of steamed chicken breast and rice with some broccoli and green peas which is full of protein.


To eat or Not eat before sleeping

Most people believe in the myth that eating before you sleep will cause obesity. You can throw this myth out of the window because this is not true. If you keep your calorie intake and cardiovascular activities in check you will not gain excess fats from eating at night. Therefore, if you have not been able to get your calorie intake to a point where you can gain weight, it is advised that you take a light meal before going to bed to pack on that essential calories and protein in order to gain weight fast


There are so many more other factors that add into gaining weight and Vince Del Monte’s training system is really one that takes you for a ride that you will you wll never forget and has tons of useful features!


Cortisone for gaining weight?

For those who do not know, cortisone is a steroid hormone. It is considered to be the primary hormone which is released by the body during stress. Cortisone is extremely beneficial to a person’s health and helps in curing a lot of ailments. Cortisone can be administered to people using a variety of different techniques, such as intravenous methods, oral methods, intraarticularly as well as transcutaneously. The main purpose of cortisone is to suppress and protect the immune system, and help in reducing the inflammation as well as the pain that people feel during inflammatory operations. It can also help in reducing the amount of swelling at the exact point of injury.

Even though there are risks subjected to the long term usage of Cortisone, these risks mainly come in to being for people who think of it as an addiction cover. If you are thinking about increasing your weight because your body is releasing too little cortisone, the best idea would be to get substantial amount of cortisone and get it mixed with your everyday diet. However, Using Cortisone as a quick method should be avoided due to its harmful effects in an excessive amount. Your body can only take so much an a single time and overdosing will have a detrimental effect to your body.

Basically, many people believe that over dosing on cortisone can be extremely harmful, because as it is said to be such a harmful drug that it can cause severe issues. Body builders and those people who wish to learn how to gain muscle mass fast can use Cortisone as a means of increasing their muscle mass, but you should know that if you take it orally, there are chances that you might get addicted to it. Moreover, using cortisone orally has also revealed some truth about celebrities.

If you are taking in too much stress and not allowing your mind to work properly, the levels of cortisone in your body will tend to rapidly decrease. Therefore, you can buy cortisone, and then set up schedule of timing at which you will take the medicine, it the morning, after no one. However, if you wish to lose your weight in a completely natural manner, the first things that you need to do is start some compound exercises to gain the weight which you need Hence if you are travelling, you can easily cut down on levels of cortisone by not taking any stress or tension. Also, you will have to make sure that you mix your diet up with compound exercises at home daily.

Cortisone is a drug that should not be abused for personal weight gains but only for treatment, to gain weight fast, one should always use the traditional method of gaining weight and not abuse substances to gain weight fast.

Traditional method to gain weight fast will be methods such as eating substantially more and doing compound exercises in the gym.

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What Are Calories

Counting calories is common among people who are watching their weight. Sometimes they get confused as the values refer to kilocalories in relation to food though it is simply being referred to as calories. It might help people to know that 1000 calories is equivalent to 1 kilocalorie. Some labels in food packages make use of calories and others indicate kilocalories. Scientific measurement of food energy is expressed in kilojoule (kJ): 1 kilocalorie is equivalent to 4.2 kilojoules.

There are recommended daily calorie intake but people are individuals with varied genetic makeup, body build, metabolic rate and lifestyle factors. Age, height and weight are some considerations too in determining the calorie intake of an individual for each day.

For those who would like to reduce their weight, they will need to take note of how much calorie is contained in the food that they regularly eat. The will also have to check how much calorie they can have each day. A lesser amount of calorie intake than the daily recommended intake will keep weight gain at bay.

To keep extra calories from making people gain weight, they will have to burn those calories. The body’s metabolic rate is also the rate at which the body uses energy or burns calories. Calorie intake should be equal to the calorie burned or used each day so there will be no weight gain. If calorie intake exceeds the calorie burned, then people will have to expect to gain weight in a week’s time.

There are ways to burn calories. The first is to build muscles instead of fat. Studies indicate that regular weight training speeds up metabolic processes by 15%. People don’t really need big muscles like weight lifters but need to tone their muscles and become leaner.

People need to move constantly to burn more calories. Sedentary lifestyle burn only a small portion of calories. There are simple ways to keep people moving not necessarily walking or dancing nonstop. These simple movements burn some calories like tapping the feet, swinging the legs, drumming the fingers, standing up and stretching, moving the head from side to side, changing position and a lot more ordinary movements. People should take all opportunities to move because it will burn some calories and at the end of the day, more calories are burned than taken in.

Aerobic exercises will help the body burn more calories especially high-intensity exercises. Regular aerobic activities that are done at least 30 minutes each day will keep the body in good shape and burn all the calories as much 400 calories within the 30 minute period.

Eating small meals frequently is better to keep metabolism at a steady rate. Eating some spicy foods may increase metabolism so do some other drinks like tea and those that contain caffeine. When people get used to eating foods with lesser calories and keep moving, the use of a calorie calculator may not be necessary. Counting calories may not be so much of a problem if people move, do exercise and eat the right kind of food on a regular basis.



Facts About Fibre

Fibre has been known to be very healthy but people do not simply include it in their diet. Fibre helps the body to prevent diseases such as colon cancer and cardiovascular illnesses. Food that are rich in fibre are difficult to break down and stay a little longer in the stomach. Additionally, it helps the body by binding cholesterol and other toxins while it is in the digestive tract and goes out of the body with it.
Since fibrous foods are difficult to break down, it prevents the body from feeling hungry for a longer period of time. This may help those who are on diet as it lessens cravings especially of sweet food. Fibres not only help people to control weight but it also helps in the regulation of blood sugar. For people with diabetes, eating foods rich in fibre will help them maintain normal blood sugar levels. Hemorrhoids, constipation and other stomach problems may likewise be prevented. Dietary fibres may help prevent colon cancer, coronary diseases and cancer though claims are not yet backed by solid evidences.
Anyone who is currently suffering from any chronic disease should ask his or her doctor and dietician if changes in the diet like the addition of fibres would be beneficial. People who are not used to high fibre diet will have to do it gradually to help their body get used to the new diet regimen.
Children as well as adults need a sufficient amount of dietary fibre each day. As more fibrous food is eaten, more water intake is needed to help the digestive system keep the fibre moving. But just like any other macronutrients and micronutrients, the body needs the right amount of fibre. Too much or too less of it can cause some health problems. Excessive intake may result to bloating and diarrhoea.
Dietary fibres come mostly from plants and some from fruits and vegetables and the body can only digest it partially and sometimes it may not be able to digest it totally. There are two kinds of fibres: soluble and insoluble. Soluble fibres are those that are fermented in the large intestines. They produce some gasses and other substances too. Insoluble fibres are not digested at all. They absorb more water but help the body in eliminating waste products.
A lot of foods though do not have enough fibre content. People need to know which foods are rich in fibre. Whole grains as well as concentrated grain products are some good sources of fibres. Some fruits and vegetables such as pineapples, bananas, oranges, berries, flax, beans and peas are rich in fibre. Oatmeal, some nuts and seeds are sources of fibre too. Sufficient amount of fibre is needed to keep the body in a good health stance.
Fibre supplements are available in the market. Laxatives or stool softeners are also fibre supplements. However, natural sources of fibre are still the best. If people need to take supplements, they must exercise with care and caution. To conclude, a well-balanced diet, regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle is always recommended so that you can stay in the pink of health



Mass Gainer Powder

This is one question that those who want to gain weight and muscle are asking all over. It comes up in forum discussions, readers’ comments and questions to professionals and writers in the field of bodybuilding. The question comes from the fact that most people, especially skinny ones, are looking for ways and means of gaining muscle fast. They are however somehow skeptical with mass powders because people are scared of getting in scams. The answer to the question is “yes.”
The reason why some people are not able to gain muscle fast is that they have very high rate of metabolism. This means their bodies get rid of nutrients they take in very fast so that there is not enough left for building mass and muscle. There is therefore the need to take in more protein either in diet or as supplements of which mass weight gainer powders are part.
It has been said that skinny people who want to gain weight must eat about six meals a day. Simply, they must eat heavier meals to supply to needed calories and proteins. But, to be realistic, there is limit to which people can eat. You cannot eat more than your body can take and that is where protein powders come in. Mass gainer powders supply the extra amount of nutrients needed for growth which is not gotten from food.
However, there are certain factors that determine how mass gainer powders work. First of all, there is the need for the right type of exercise to make the protein consumed change into muscle gain, whether through diet or supplements. Taking tons of mass gainer powder without exercise will not lead into weight loss.
Again, if the right kind of exercise is not done, those who have high metabolism rates will boost this rate leading to no weight gain. Such people might complain that mass gainer powders don’t work, while in reality they didn’t use it properly.
The last issue about mass gainer powders is that there are a lot of them. Each has its unique composition. Some are just packed with sugar which is not really needed for healthy weight gain. There are some that are just rip offs. That is why it is recommended to look for mass gainer powders from the right source.
There is the need to read independent reviews and seek profession guidance when choosing mass gainer powders.