Food for Weight Gain

Just what food Do i eat to gain weight?

This is the question that most skinny people ask after failing to gain weight with their very stringent weight gain programs. Many skinny people complain about how the exercise they do make them skinnier instead of putting on weight as happens with normal people. The simple answer to this question “No.” The reasons are provided in the ensuing paragraphs.

There is a difference between how the bodies of skinny people work and how those of other people work. Understanding this helps the skinny person gain weight. Skinny people generally have a higher rate of metabolism. That means that their bodies’ process and burn calories faster than people with ordinary bodies do. Naturally, the body of a skinny person is wired to remain skinny and it therefore does everything possible to remain in its normal form.

Food is very important when it comes to gaining weight and muscle. This is because the nutrients needed by the body to build mass come mainly from food. That is why skinny people who are looking for more weight must eat more than they are currently doing. By eating more they can create enough reserves for their bodies to use in massing up. Excessive exercise will make this reserve to be depleted faster.

This however does not mean that a skinny person wanting to gain muscle should not exercise at all. Healthy weight gain is not fat gain. It is possible to amass large volumes of fat whiles remaining slim. Skinny people should avoid fat gain and concentrate on real muscle growth. They can do this by doing the right kind of exercises.

The kind of exercise that transforms skinny people is the one that increases resistance in the muscles. Skinny people should therefore lift heavier weight that put enough stress on the muscles, but they should do only a few reps. By doing that their muscles are stimulated to grow, but they don’t burn too much calories that are needed for muscle growth.

Skinny people should avoid doing excessive cardio because cardio is generally a metabolism boosting exercise. A little of cardio is needed to keep the heart healthy but too much of it will lead to weight loss. Skinny people who follow the regimes of normal bodybuilders fall into this trap.

The problem therefore is not exercise in general, but rather the type of exercise and how it is done to produce the right result. Skinny people should eat more, but they must also exercise if they want to gain weight.



Nuts for weight Gain

Nuts are often mistaken to be unhealthy and should be avoided; however, many people do not realize that is

because the nuts have been roasted or smoked. Thus high in sugar or salt content. Raw Nuts contain mostly

calories. So eating a healthy diet consisting of nuts will make you put on weight. In addition, nuts contain many essential oils, good fats and protein which Is essential for your body for gaining weight.

If you are looking to gain weight but don’t know what healthy snack to munch on the go. Try to consume the nuts after your workout in order to recovery quickly. Try to incorporate at least 2 handfuls of nuts per day into your normal daily diet in order to get the extra calories and protein which your body needs to gain weight