Ultimate Nutrition Prostar Whey Review

Packing massive muscle gains requires a lot of determination, hard work and good nutrition. If you are an individual with a highly packed schedule, you will start to realize that maintaining good nutrition can be very difficult to do especially with the strained amount of time you have. That is where protein powders and nutrition drink formulas come into play

Ultimate Nutrition Prostar Whey Protein is one best in the business in providing you with the protein you need to get the protein you need on a daily basis. With 25g of protein in just a single serving, this supplement is all you will ever need for your muscle gaining regime. Prostar uses important ingredients to increase your amino acids levels and has important ingredients to help your muscles absorb protein efficiently and build muscles quickly.

Prostar whey protein contains key whey protein fractions such as  Alpha Lactalbumin, Beta Lactoglobulin, Glycomacropeptide, Immunoglobulins, Lactoferrin, Lactoperoxidase,Proteose Peptones and Serum Albumin. Every scope of prostar whey protein provides you with the purest whey protein with less fat trans fat and any other carbohydrates. Its almost like its cheating by using this protein.

In order to summarize why you should get the Ultimate Nutrition Prostar Whey protein, here is a list of the benefits of the supplement.

  1. Prostar is one of the only protein supplements that provides you with more whey protein isolate. which is one of the most expensive whey protein available
  2. absolutely zero trans fat
  3. only 1g of fat per serving
  4. 25g of protein per serving, That is almost 85% of protein by weight
  5. Easy to mix and is very soluble with water and milk
  6. Halal certified
Directions: Take about 1-3 servings daily for the best results. For optimal muscle growth, take once before your workout and once after your workout. Lastly, at night for recovery. you can also mix the supplement with various juices, milk, or just plain water to get the most out of each serving.