Diets to Gain Weight

There are a good number of people out there looking for means of gaining weight although the main talk in the media today is weight loss. One fact that keeps coming up when it comes to gaining weight is that people who want weight must eat. There is so much emphasis on food that it seems eating is the only way of gaining weight. A close look at the subject however reveals that food is a very important factor but not the sole factor.
Why food is important

Food is needed to supply all the necessary nutrients – calories, proteins, vitamins and minerals that are needed as building blocks for muscles. It is therefore not wrong for trainers and coaches to insist on changing diet as a way of gaining weight. Skinny people find it very difficult to put on weight because their rate of metabolism is very high. If they want to put on weight then they must eat extra so that there will be extra nutrients left for body building. This accounts for the emphasis on eating as a way of gaining weight.
Exercise is needed
However, eating alone cannot ensure weight gain. There is the need for exercise to force muscles to expand. A little understanding of this factor will help here. When we exercise the right way, the muscles are stressed leading to minor damages in them. The body then produces repair cells to help heal the damages. Since the body will not like to go through such trauma again, it produces more than enough cells for repairs. The extra is converted into new muscle fiber which make muscles grow in size. Eating all the food available without going through right exercise regime will only lead fat gain which is a health hazard.
Rest is also important
The other factor that should be considered for weight gain is rest. Rest allows the body to conserve the precious calories needed for building muscles. Lack of adequate rest will keep the system working normally which means burning more calories. Another side of rest is that it is the time that the body repairs damaged muscles. That is why rest is a major part of all muscle building programs.
The importance of food in weight gain can never be overstated, but it is not the all in all of weight gain. Weight gain is a combination of many factors none of which should be ignored.


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