Is Exercise Essential for Skinny guys?

Most skinny people have the misconception that exercise is not essential when one wants to gain weight and that stuffing your face full of food will enable you to gain the desired mass.

This is  inaccurate and that idea should be thrown out of the window! Muscle is relatively heavier than fats. Thus, your main goal should be to gain muscles and lose fats. Although fats are essential for the body to function, an access is can have adverse effect on a person’s body. Excess fats will also lead to obesity which can be a serious problem.

Exercise can be anything from working out in the gym, taking a 30 min stroll, jogging or even working out at home. One should exercise preferably 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes a day to be in great shape.

Some tips to note when working out:

  • Maintain physical Form when doing exercises (pushups, Pull ups, Sit-ups, etc.)
  • Don’t over exceed your limits
  • Adequate Rest in between sets as well as training days
  • Hydrate yourself while working out
  • Eating before(1h-2h) and after your workouts to gain muscle mass



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