Foods to Eat to Gain Weight

When placed with the goal of gaining weight. You need to be selective about the food that you eat in order to gain weight quickly. Most people fail to do that and often fail in putting in mass which they want.  Here might be some of the situations you may be facing. I also faced the same situation till I found out some of the terrible myths that I have been practicing was Busted! Click here to find out more about the Many busted weight gaining myths!



Starting the day of with breakfast is always a great way to boost your energy level. The type of breakfast you take will determine whether you have energy for the whole day or just for the first few hours. It is recommended that you either take cereal with fresh fruits and low fat milk to boost your energy and natural sugar level. I will normally recommend having a bowlful of low fat milk, regular cornflakes, adding fruits such as strawberries, apple slices, oranges as well as kiwi and avocados into my bowl to ensure that I get the vitamins and minerals I need to start the day. I also usually add in a couple of lightly crushed almonds or macadamias to get my daily dose of unsaturated oils for essential healthy weight gain. Fruits is also essential for dilating your body vessels, making it easier for your body to pump the blood to the required portions of your body


Before working out

Because I tend to workout 2-3 times a week, I normally try to workout in my school gym for about 1 hour per session because of my busy student life. It is essential to have a pre workout meal in order to reach your possible potential when working out. It is best to have your meal about 1-2 hours depending on your metabolism rate in order for the food you eat to be the most effective. This time period is essential for your body to digest the food to “feed” your muscles. This is when I would recommend you to take your protein shakes if you have any or if in solid foods, I will normally have 1 or 2 chicken or salmon sandwiches for that extra protein.


After working out


Most people have the question of how long should I wait after my workout before I start eating. Well, the answer is as fast as possible, there is normally a window of time where it will be the most beneficial to eat which is normally within 30min to 1 hour. The best food to eat after your workout is actually whey protein powder or mass gainer powder because liquid meals are much faster to digest which also means that the protein is quicker to absorb into your body. Also, whey protein is the best and fastest form of protein there is which makes it the more popular choice after workouts for most people. Optionally, you can also have a portion of protein filled foods suc as fish chicken, beef etc. This is also why I normally eat my lunch after working out because it seems much easier to do so.


Meal after Lunch

I usually try to sqeeze in a small meal whenever I am bulking up so that I will be able to get more calories into my system, because bulking up requires a higher calorie intake, I usually take a small small consisting of protein and carbs which normally comes in a form of steamed chicken breast and rice with some broccoli and green peas which is full of protein.


To eat or Not eat before sleeping

Most people believe in the myth that eating before you sleep will cause obesity. You can throw this myth out of the window because this is not true. If you keep your calorie intake and cardiovascular activities in check you will not gain excess fats from eating at night. Therefore, if you have not been able to get your calorie intake to a point where you can gain weight, it is advised that you take a light meal before going to bed to pack on that essential calories and protein in order to gain weight fast


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