Formulating your Nutrition program

Understand your Body

1.)    Before you start your weight gain regime, it is always important to plan out a nutrition guide that you can use during the duration of your regime. You must always figure out first the type of body you have. For more information, do download the free guide that is available in the home page. If you are an endomorph, you will have to cut down on your carbohydrates and work more on a protein based meal. This will ensure that you can lose fat easily when accompanied with a high cardiovascular activity such as running, jogging or swimming. If you are a mesomorph, gaining muscle is very natural for your body so having a balanced meal can really maximise your muscle gain. Lastly, if you are a ectomorph, you have to ensure that you eat lots of carbohydrates as well as protein in order to gain substantial weight. You should always ensure that you eat small meals each time but in a shorter interval that you usually would. This means a small meal every 2 hours in order to maximise your gains. Any longer than 3 hours between each meal and your body will start thinking it is starving and start feeding on muscle mass. This is not what you want to achieve.

Having a balanced Meal

2.)    Every Meal should contain carbohydrates, protein and unsaturated fats in the ratio that is suitable for you. Whether you are an ectomorph, endomorph or a mesomorph. Most of all, protein is one of the most important component and should not be left out.  Let’s just put it this way, if you eat only carbohydrates and not protein, you will not be able to put on any muscle mass but rather just fats. In addition, your energy levels will be at rock bottom after 1-2 hours. Or to put it in another way, if you only eat protein, your body will not be able to convert the protein into muscles because your body requires carbohydrates accompanied with protein in order to absorb the protein and convert it into muscles.



pictures by:m_bartosch, Grant Cochrane