Gaining Weight Healthily

There are risks associated with being lean that most people don’t hear about because most of the talk is about the dangers of weight. Extra lean people have weaker immune systems increasing their risks of infections and surgical complications. That is why skinny people should try hard to put on some amount of healthy weight.
There are many ways of gaining weight: some are healthy others are not. That means those looking for ways of gaining weight should look for the right ways and not those that put them at risk. Here are five effective steps that can help people gain weight in a healthy and sustainable way.
Eat More Protein
Those who want to gain weight must change their diet drastically in order to supply their bodies with the right types of nutrients and in their right quantities that will support weight gain. They must eat the right combination of carbohydrates, proteins and fat. When it comes to fat, they must eat the right kinds which are unsaturated fats such as olive oil, pistachios, walnuts and fish oils. Protein should not be less than 15 percent of diet. Alternatively, they can also add weight gainers into their diet in order to supplment their growth
Eat Bigger
The quantity of food eaten must also be changed. You cannot change your weight by eating the same amount of food you are used to eating. There must be a difference in how you eat. Those who want to put on weight must eat at least six meals a day. If they don’t have the time do this, then they must find ways of increasing the protein content of their meals by including things like grated eggs, ground chicken, and nonfat dried milk.
Avoid Sugar and Fat
They must however avoid dangerous fats and sugar. These foods lead to accumulation of fat which can cause serious health problems. Fat gain is not the same as weight gain.
Exercise is necessary for gaining weight the right way. Diet provides the necessary calories and amino acids for body building but exercise is what ensures that the body uses these nutrients to build muscles. Muscles grow when they are stressed and exercise is what produces that stress.
Water is a very important ingredient for healthy weight gain. About 70% of the human body is made of water. That is why weight gain becomes difficult for those don’t drink enough water. The least quantity of water any person should drink in a day is eight glasses. When you drink enough water. You will notice that your urine will be clear color which is of a healthy color tone. That is one of the most clear indication that you are hydrated.


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