Get an explosive eight pack

Ever wanted to know how to eat those eight pack bodies on the beach during the summer? supercharge your sit-up routine for the ultimate eight packs body.

Forget the mundane sit-ups which does not seem to help no matter how much you do in a day. In this exercise, we will beĀ utilizingĀ the following items:

  1. Medicine ball
  2. Movable Bench


1st step

Using the movable bench, adjust it so that it will be in a declined position. Position yourself on the bench with the ball on top of you at your chest. Lower your back until your back reachs the declined portion the bench. The purpose of the medicine ball is to increase the amount of resistance which also means that you will be able to build stronger abs in a shorter amount of time. Alternatively, you can use dumbbells if you do not have a medicine ball.


2nd step

As the title of the exercise go. The movement is supposed to be explosive. Raise yourself to your sitting position while keeping the balls tight to your chest and subsequently extending it away from you. locking your arms out. This particular movement will work your lower abs during the exercise so that your whole abdominal region is fully utilized during the work out.


3rd step

To finish off the exercise, Twist to your right and lift the ball up as quickly as you can and lower the ball at a steady pace at your arm’s maximum extend. Lift the ball back up and continue with the left side and return to your starting position. The twisting and lowering motion helps to tone your entire core. Causing your abs to be more toned and defined.