Gym Exercises to Gain Fast Weight

Going to the gym to workout to gain weight can be really confusing because of the wide variety of machines available there. However, Spending your time there should be limited to just 1 hour so choosing what to do and how many to do can be a very important decision.

Before you enter the gym, always remember to hydrate yourself first thing first. Staying hydrated can mean more strength and you will be able to perform much better. Try to drink at least 1 litre of water when you wake up to flush your system from the food from yesterday to stay hydrated. One clear sign that you are hydrate will be your urine. Your urine should be clear and you should be urinating at a 1 hour interval.

Back to Gym exercises, i found that compound exercises are the most effective in gaining weight quick. Basically what a compound exercises are multi joint movements that depend on different muscle groups which works together to perform the exercise. Such exercises includes pull up, bench press and dead lifts. More compound exercises can be found in later parts of this series

Dead Lift

Normally i would recommend a wide stance because you will have more balance. Always make sure that your back and hips is straight at all time or you can actually really injure your back in a long run.

Dead lifts helps to train your hamstrings your Glutes as well as calves to a small extent. Training multiple muscle groups at a single time helps you to save time in the gym by working out multiple muscle groups at a single time. The reason why you want to spend less than 1 hour in the gym is because when you workout for too long, your body will start to release a chemical called cortisone which eats up your muscles and stores up fats when you spend too much time in the gym.

Pull ups

Pull ups are a great way to to train your back as well as upper body muscles. There are many variations of pullups but the one that is highly recommended is the wide grip pull ups. Wide grip pull ups are exceptionally effective in training your lats instead of your biceps. Reason being that for most people, your lats are normally one of the weaker muscle therefore training it will be extremely beneficial for gaining weight. When performing a pullup, always focus on your body form, this means focusing on keeping your body straight without swining or arching while pulling. Once your chin is over the bar, slowly move down instead of dropping instantly to complete the rep.

Bench Press

Bench presses are great for training your pectorals(chest), deltoids, and triceps. One thing to note is to always have a spotter in case you cannot complete the rep. When performing a bench press. always make sure that your shoulder blades are pinched together to cenable a stable, base for the exercise to prevent inbalancing.You should also keep your feet on the ground or at the end of the bench and alway make sure that your buttocks is in contact with the bench. Lower the bar to about 2 inches above your chest before lifting the bar again. Try to complete 8-10 reps and if you are able to do more than 8-10 reps. This means that the weight is too little and that you should increase the weight.

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