How to Gain Fast Muscle Weight

Have you ever wondered how the men in magazines and advertisements get so ripped and buff? And it seems like they do it so easily by taking a few “magical” pill as advertised in countless of men’s magazines. Well let me snap you back to reality, that does not happen in a few days, weeks or a few months. What you see is dedication and hard work that is poured into building that body. To gain fast muscle weight is to have proper nutrition, constant exercise as well as determination. We will talk about the these factors in the following sections

Proper nutrition

Perhaps you might have heard from your friend or another gym mate that bulking up means eating everything to anything. Ranging from chocolate, ice cream, peanut butter, etc. Well although that is possible, but that is not the right way to shoot the target. Eating all that junk food will cause you to get excess fats which will be even more difficult to burn once it sets in the hard to lose areas such as the love handles and your belly. Bulking should be done “clean”. So, what is “clean”? Eating “clean” means eating the proper food that will give you the correct amount of nutrition you need to gain fast muscle weight. This means eating more protein and less fat. Fat although is needed for fast muscle weight, it should be in the unsaturated form. This means eating foods such as avocados, nuts, flax seed oil as well as fish oils. Also, the amount of protein you eat should be 1g per pound of weight which you have. In order words, planning a proper weight gaining diet is needed to ensure you get the right nutrition for body building

Constant exercise and weight lifting

This is the part that most people dread but is the factor that is most needed. people often wonder how to gain weight quick? Exercise and weight lifting is needed firsthand because you need to stress your muscles in order for them to gain muscle weight.

Weight lifting is one of the most effective ways because it requires the full strength of a certain muscle group and stresses it and makes it grow. Most people make the mistake of just training 1 or 2 muscle group thinking that it is enough, however, you need to note that training all the different muscle groups ensures that your shape will be balanced. Breaking down your workouts into 2-3 different sessions will be a great way to cover the entire body.

Do note that you should not overstrain your body and that you receive proper rest and hydration while training to prevent over training.


Most people do not have the determination and mindset of succeeding, thus failing when they are half way there. The best way that I found was to set a feasible weight goal for yourself. This will ensure that you have a vision and a target that you want to hit. Also, training with a buddy will ensure that neither of you slacks and skips training. Also, getting yourself an e-book or program can be also extremely valuable in this period. Most e-books contain invaluable experience from other people on how to succeed. Not only do those e-books contain the types and amount of exercises to do, but also a good exercise plan and nutrition plan all set out. Not only do those e-books and programs help you to set your eyes on the prize, it also helps keep yourself in check. Reason being most people normally forget what they have to do once they get comfortable after a few weeks into training.

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