How to Put on Weight Fast

There are many people out there looking for ways of gaining weight and muscle. But a large number of these people are not much aware of what makes muscle grow. They therefore get involved in various exercises hoping to add more mass to their bodies. No doubt many fail in achieving their goals. Those who understand how muscle grows know that the fastest way of gaining more mass is by increasing resistance in weight training.
Muscle does not grow on its own. It grows for a purpose, in response to a challenge presented by a difficult task. During exercise, the muscles go through some amount of trauma that makes them breakdown. Then, in order to heal, the body causes more cells to be produced to replace the worn out ones. The new cells are usually produced in higher quantities than needed for the repairs. The excess new cells grow into new muscle fiber leading to an increase in muscle size.
What this means is that it is not the amount of exercise done that leads to muscle and weight gain. It is rather the effectiveness of the exercises, how it stimulates the muscles to provoke a response in production of more cells. That is where resistance comes in. The higher the resistance during workout, the faster the muscles produce new muscle fiber to make them increase in size.
Once the body gets used to a certain level of stimulation and feels comfortable about it, there will be little or no resistance and therefore no weight or muscle gain. The person involved must then look for ways of increasing the resistance level. This can be done in three possible ways.
1. More reps with the same weight
By doing more reps with the same weight, the muscles are forced to go beyond what is comfortable. That creates more resistance and more muscle breakdown which will in turn trigger the production of more cells for repair.
2. The same number of reps with a heavier weight
What this means is that the muscles will have to respond to the challenge presented by the increase in the weight being lifted. The muscles must therefore grow to overcome the new level of resistance.
3. The same weight, the same number of reps, but shorter periods of rest.
Rest is a part of muscle building workout. Rest gives muscles the chance to recuperate and get ready for the next session. If the rest period is longer, the body regains its form and does the next task without difficulty. By shortening the rest period, resistance is created as the muscles do not recuperate enough.
Those who want to gain more muscle fast should therefore find ways of increasing resistance during their workouts.


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