Lose The Bad Fats And Gaining Good Fats

Most people begin their weight lost and muscle building program by calculating the amount of fats that they must lose, however, did you know this is a huge mistake that can really slow down your process from your muscle building goals. At the end of this article, you should be able to identify the different types of bad fats and learn how to incorporate good fats into your meal for your weight gain.

Types of fats

Before you begin your weight lost program, you need to understand the different types of fats that is available and which of it to eat and which to avoid.

  • Saturated Fats or Bad fats

Such fats are high in cholesterol and should be avoided at all cost; eating foods with high saturated fat content can lead to heart diseases as well as obesity. They are also known as hydrogenated fats. Some examples of food that has a high saturated fat content are

  1. potato chips
  2. fats from red meat such as chicken, beef
  3. bacon
  4. lard
  5. whole diary products


  • Unsaturated Fats or Good fats

Such fats are essential especially if you are looking to build a body builder’s body or to gain muscle quickly. Your body needs these fats in order to function properly and helps in brain function, joint function, as well as the production of growth hormones or testosterone which helps in muscle building.

Without good fats, your body simply cannot function properly. In addition, if you are looking to build that perfect beach body, it is all the more important to eat the correct fats in order to gain muscle mass quickly.

Such foods that are high in unsaturated fats come from avocados, fish oil, olive oil as well as various nuts.


How much do I need to eat?

Building the perfect beach body requires a healthy balanced meal. 40% of your meal substance should consist of protein, 50% calories and the remaining 10% unsaturated fats. You can normally obtain unsaturated fats from your meals by following these simple tips:

  • adding a table spoon of olive oil into your cooking or into your cooked meals.( not needed if eating meats such as fish which already has a high good fat content)
  • Adding a few slices of raw avocados into your meal (it’s really tasty!)
  • Fish oil capsules during the day after your meals or at the start of the day
  • Instead of snacking on potato chips or sweets. Munch on almonds or macadamia nuts.
  • Eating salads with the combination of nuts as well as olive oil (considered as a meal)

Adding exercise to your weight lost regime

Last of all, exercise is absolutely needed in order to lose weight or to gain weight, if you are looking to lose weight, it is important to do more cardiovascular activities such as swimming, jogging or cycling which will help you to increase your metabolism rate. If you are looking to gain weight, 3 sessions per week at the gym which will consist of 1 hour power lifting will definitely boost your weight gaining efforts in a very short time.

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