How to Gain Weight Fast-My Experience

I used to be so skinny that my friends would call me a bag of bones whenever i took off my shirt to either go swimming or to the beach, it used t be extremely embarrassing and it made my teenage life a total nightmare. I’m sure many of you reading this post can relate to me in some way or another. I was so determined to change my physical looks that i took up several gym memberships and coaches and took a lot of weight gaining supplements without any proper plan. That diet of mine took a turn for the worse and i ended up being the skinny dude with a tummy. This made me feel even more ashamed of my body and i didn’t feel like even stepping out of my house. I was even afraid to look in my own mirror as i was not able to accept what was happening. While i went to the gym, working out with the big guys, i didn’t gain much. I really wondered how my friends could bulk up so much weight in such a short time while i was even struggling to gain a few measly pounds.

It was then when i was browsing the internet that i found this product which so many have been using. Vince Del Monte’s No Nonsense Muscle Building. I looked through the e products which i always do with all the other e products i purchased and carefully examined the sales pages for what it contained. I Noticed that it had a totally concept from the norm. It mentioned about not training 2h for 4 -5 times a week in the gym which was the total opposite of the other products. I was totally taken aback by the results of so many people that i was suspicious it was a scam. I took my research to youtube and the internet for reviews from people who have used the product and the response i got was really awesome. In fact, many others who have bought the product has seen visible changes in their body and most has gained more than 10lbs in just a matter of 5 weeks. Finally convinced by so many other satisfied customers, i decided i wanted a  slice of the cake. I finally paid for the product, $77 which was a big investment for me as i was a student and really prayed that the system would work unlike the other products which made me stay the same weight for the past 5 years of my teenage life.

Upon downloading the package, I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of content it came with for a mere $77 one time payment, Firstly, it came with an e book which contained a guide with the type of food i should eat as well as a elaborate meal plan. It also busted majority of muscle building claims that even i was not aware of and was practicing. It also came with a useful guide for my workout and what to do. Basically, This e-book was everything i needed to start off from Week one all the way to week 28 and beyond. Based on what i’ve learnt from the e-book, i will be sharing with you the 3 Tips that Might change the way you look forever.

Consuming More calories

I cannot emphasize how important eating more calories is in order to Gain weight fast, Just like any motorized vehicle needs gas to operate, so does your body in order to gain weight. On an Average, you need to at least consume more than 30% of what you are consuming currently, This also means eating the right proportion of nutrients needed in order to grow and the product gives you exact foods to eat to achieve it. Without it i would be taking hours in order to figure that out. Your diet Should consist of about 50% protein, 40% carbohydrates and 10% of fats.

Some great sources of protein can come from Fish, Chicken, Pork, Beef, Tofu, Lamb Egg whites and amazingly, Green peas. You should try to incorporate some protein into each meal in order to have the most success.

As for Carbohydrates, you should try to eat pasta, rice, noodles, potato to get your daily source of carbohydrates. Eating carbohydrates is equally as important as eating protein or you will nto be able to gain the muscle mass which you desire.

the 10% of fats should come from unsaturated fats which comes from various nuts, avacados, fish oil and flax seed oils.

One great thing about the package offered by Vince Del Monte is that there are already prepared recipes which are extremely easy to prepare and also buy.

Compound Exercises

Notice that i did not mention exercise as so many other articles would have said. Based on my experience for the past 1 year, doing just bicep curls, leg exercises in the gym is just not enough! So, what are compound exercises? compound exercises are combination exercises which stresses multiple muscle groups at a time, this helps speed up your gym sessions to the minimum as it should be because spending too long in the gym will cause your body to release a chemical called cortisone which will cause you to store up fats which is totally the opposite of what you are trying to gain.

Such exercises includes squats, pull ups, bench press, dead lifts and power lifts. I won’t go into the detail of how many and the proper technique as it can be learned from the program.


Rest and Hydration

Most people make the mistake of not hydrating and not resting when they are on their goal to gain weight, this can be a fatal mistake which can be avoided. Over training can result in not resting, You need to allow ample rest for your body to recuperate its muscles and to rest itself, Failure to do so will cause overtraining which will set you back further because you will need to rest longer than usual in order to continue your routine.

Hydration, most people take that lightly and are unaware that being fully hydrated makes you about 19% stronger, this is extremely valuable especially if you want to complete that last repetition or set. Drinking enough water also helps you flush harmful toxins from your system. One clear sign of being hydrated is a clear urine. Also, Waking up and drinking at least 2 cups of water is a great way to replenish the water lost over the night.


These are the few tips i have for people who wants to gain weight fast the healthy way, Vince Del Monte Training system really takes you by the hand like an infant and shows your step by step the many unique ways which you can gain weight. I am still on my way right now From a measly 96lbs to a current 124lbs. This might seem extremely little by i’m making progress every single day!










I was 96lbs and gained over 28lbs in just matter of 8 weeks. Impossible? not at all, if i can do it so can you with dedication and hard work.




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