Proper Diet and Exercise

Combining proper diet and regular exercise will bring about better health conditions. However, a particular diet that may work on some people may not work for others. It is the same problem with doing exercises. Some people follow an exercise program and get good results but other may do the same but are not able to decrease weight or gain muscles like bodybuilders. That is why it is important to identify what program works for you to get the best bang for your buck.

Individuals who would like to enroll in workouts or other exercise programs need a special kind of diet. Weightlifters need more energy to burn in a very short period of time. Those who would like to do aerobic or caridio exercises need stamina and endurance to last more than 20 minutes of continuous physical activity. The energy requirements differ, hence one diet for all will not work.

The ratio of carbohydrates to protein requirement will vary greatly. Aside from the kind of exercise program, one has to consider his or her metabolic rate too. People in cardio exercise programs and those who are in resistance exercise programs may need to sit down with their trainers and nutritionists to help them determine how much calorie intake they need in order to get the maximum benefit of their workouts.

Food eaten takes a little time to be digested and the energy in the form of blood glucose can be used at about an hour or two after a meal. It is at this time, that workouts and exercises may be more effective. If a person skips his or her scheduled workout after a heavy calorie meal, this unused energy will be stored as fat. For those who do light exercises only, it is advisable to walk for a few minutes after so that the body starts using the available energy.

The brain and the body need a constant supply of blood glucose. By the time all energy is used after a heavy workout, the body’s supply of energy needs to be replenished. A well-planned meal after exercise is also important so that the body will not start breaking down muscle tissues to be used as energy after conversion. The brain needs a constant supply of energy as well to keep it functioning properly. Some experts may recommend food supplements to boost energy level during workouts but people need to be careful before deciding to take any supplement.

After a heavy intense exercise, some people may experience aches or pains usually several hours after the workout. These pains come from tissue damages or micro tears. The body naturally heals itself. However, healing can be hastened through sufficient rest and proper food.

Before engaging in any exercise program, people must know what they would like to achieve—to grow muscles, to lose weight or for health reasons. They would also need to understand how the exercises will help them achieve what they like. They must be able to adjust their diet and lifestyle if needed to attain their goals because to do workouts need self-discipline and self-motivation. For a long healthy life, people should do their exercises regularly and eat the proper and the right amount of food for their individual needs.



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