Put on Weight Fast in 1 week

It takes time to gain weight. This is especially the case for those whose metabolism rates are very high. For such people a lot of effort is needed to gain a few pounds. However, it comes to a time when such people don’t have the luxury of time to put on the right amount of weight they desire. This is usually the case when there is an important social event coming up when the person has to look his best, to be able to fit in a role that is assigned to him or her.

Such a person may be looking for about two kilograms of weight in as little as a week. This might seem an impossible task. But there is nothing to be considered impossible in the world today. What is necessary is the right knowledge and dedication.

If you want to gain two kilograms in a week, you must be ready to work extra hard for it. Your motivation should be extra high in order to achieve your goals. You will have to adopt and follow stringent eating habits during the period.

You must set daily goals that you must monitor. You must gain at least 286 grams a day. If you miss this in a single day, then you will not achieve your desire. You must check your weight each morning before you start the day’s activities.

Eat a lot.

This is not just the ordinary phrase you read in weight gain articles. You must be ready to gorge yourself during the period. Eat meals parked with all kinds of protein foods in ways that will make you take a lot of them. One way is to take these foods in the form of powder. Add foods like powdered fish, powdered meat, and grated eggs to your soups and salad servings. That way you can take much of them without getting tired.

Limit physical activity

This is crucial for people whose metabolisms are high. The least uncontrolled physical activity you undertake might lead to high losses which could be serious drawbacks for your goals. You must refrain from doing certain exercises like cardio during the period in question.

Rest is critical

This will help you conserve the needed calories that are translated into weight. Rest also slows down the rate of metabolism. One sure way of ensuring that the whole body rests is by sleeping. You must go to bed early and get up late.

Use supplements

You cannot gain two kilograms a week without the use of good supplements. You need weight gain supplements such as protein bars, protein shakes and powders to boost the levels of the nutrients you get from food. These are readily convertible without the body losing much energy.


Drink a lot of water. More than the recommended eight glasses a day. You cannot take this out of your plan. 70% of your body is and must be water.

Remember, gaining two kilograms in a week is not an ordinary weight gain endeavor. You must to more than the ordinary to make it happen.




  1. Maria Hazel Castillet says

    Hi! I’m a call center agent here in the Philippines and i need your help badly. Our hours of operation is from 8pm to 5am. I smoke and drink a lot. It’s hard not to smoke when I am at work because smoking keeps me wide awake which I need to do my work. I really want to gain weight because I’ve always been skinny almost all my life and it has gotten worse since I started working at a call center. Please help!

    • Jonathan says

      hi maria,
      one of your problem might not be your smoking addiction but rather your diet while working. You might want to try consuming some food while at work every 2-3 hours and this will help drastically to help you gain weight. In addition, do some weight lifting as well as this will encourage muscle growth


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