Shattering that plateaus that hold you back

Even the best athletes in the world can reach their peak performance which they can’t seem to beat. Here are some tips on how to overcome common plateaus that your body might face. In this post we will be focusing on your arm power. Unlocking the potential in your chest, Getting that 5 pack abs as well as legs strength.





1.Increasing your Pull-Ups 

Plateau– trying to keep going but your arms keep weakening with each pull-up that you do

Destroy that plateau- utilize ladder sets. Ladder sets are a pronominal way that you can use to increase your stamina and power. If your maximum amount is 10, then on the next set do 8, then 6 and 4. Doing this constantly for about 6 weeks and you’ll demolish your past records in just 1 set. You will also increase your confidence to do even more.

2.Increasing your Bench presses

Plateau- You have been pressing the same weight forever.

Destroy that Plateau- Instead of doing bench presses 2 times a week, limit yourself to once per week on the bench. This way you will be well rested and will be able to add a small amount of weight every session(1.25kg). Subsequently, follow up with 2 small warm up sets which you can handle easily followed by 3sets of 5 reps. This approach will be the optimum amount for increasing your max output.


3.Heavier Squats

Plateau-Despite your maximum efforts, you can’t seem to squat and get back on your feet when carrying your girlfriend

Destroy that Plateau- Go lower by swapping your olympic bar for kettlebells. Hold the bells near your chest which will help you with the balancing when you go low. continue this routine at least 3 times a week, followed by squating with a reduced bar. Increasing gradually. If you could not do this in the past. This exercise will definitely help you get there.


4.Core of your muscles

Plateau- Your sit-ups can power up your house, however your sharp abdominal ridges are elusive

Destroy that Plateau- lift your feet up. Literally… with your legs raised, your core will be put under constant tension which will really help to condition your core. This takes your hip out of the affected muscles so your anterior muscles will have to do all the work. bringing your abs into focus. And your once united abs will soon separate to become 6.

picture by: chrisroll