What’s Your New Years Resolution?

2011 has just come to a close and i have been wondering, how many of you have actually reached their goals whether it is weight related or anything to do with your lifestyle.

Well, at the beginning of 2011 these were some of the goals that i set for myself.

  • 160lbs
  • 6 pack abs
  • build up a blog that i can use to help others

As i look back at 2011, i have only managed to achieve one of the 3 goals that i have set for myself. Maybe its the lack of motivation or just being plain old lazy, however, i must say that making this blog has been worth my while and it was really one of the key factors that i am still maintaining my goal of becoming 160 lbs. As the new year begin to unfold, setting for myself new goals is essential so that i do not lose focus of what i want and i hope that many of you will do the same. Especially if you too are looking for ways on how to gain weight. Below are the few goals that i have set for myself as well as the blog.


  • posting an article or interesting news fact at least once a week.
  • making new videos which will help the audience with their workout regimes


  • Bench 30lbs more than my previous year’s record
  • Run a marathon


These are some of the goals that i have set for myself for 2012. If you guys are interested, do feel free to post what your 2012 goals are for this year. This way, you will be focused on achieving your goal and strive harder towards it. Keep training and keep lifting. See you guys year end for some evaluation.