Why Aren’t There Any Abs!

That might be the first question that you are shouting after doing months and months of crunches and sit ups. Sad to say, when people start their workout routine, they are most likely to train their abs. I can’t argue that having 6 pack abs might be the best thing on a man’s body, but it is one of the hardest to attain. The reason i say this is because the abdominal area is usually where the fat settles. That is why love handles as well as “beer bellies” are so common in men. To attain your six pack abs, a full-body workout routine is recommended. In this post, i will be sharing with you the steps that you can follow to burn that belly fat to get that beautiful lustful six pack abs.

  • Weighing your total body percentage fat

The first step is the most important step if you want to gain your six pack abs because it shows you your current situation and what you need to work towards to gain those abs. to do this, you will need a fat caliper, the science behind fat calipers is by pulling the fat beneath your skin awat from your muscles with the tongs. By measuring serveral positions such as your neck, triceps, your belly. Take a few readings to ensure accuracy and get the average out of the three readings.


  • Engage in a total body workout

Rather than going straight for ab exercises, it is more advisable to go for a more balanced workout which involves weight lifting, cardiovascular activities as well as ab exercises. The reason behind this reasoning is because like all other resistance or weight related exercises, they increase the growth of muscles, however, if there is a tight layer of fat hindering the visibility of your abs, you will not be able to see it unless you lose those fats around your abdominal area.

If you are targeting just your abdominal muscles, you need to surround your entire workout around that muscle group, this means engaging that muscle group no matter what the exercise, squeezing your core when you jog, during sit ups while watching the TV. If you are constantly thinking about how you can get those abs and involve your day around them, you will be able to achieve those abs in no time with some good exercise routine and ab exercises.


  • Great diet and resting

You are what you eat. This notion is the perfect example especially if you are aiming to get your six pack abs. I must emphasize that your diet during this period is extremely crucial. Because your abdominal area is the first place that your body will deposit it’s fat load, you need to avoid all foods that has a high content of fats, sugar or sodium. These foods will be highly detrimental to your weight gaining efferts and you need to focus on primary eating clean. You also need to be eating adequately in order to gain muscle along that region. For starters, you should consume at least six small sized portion meals. These meals should contain some form of substance which includes protein as well as carbohydrates. These components is essential for recovery as well as building muscle.


Those three methods are key if you want to gain those abs in the shortest possible time. However, i must urge you to be patient. getting six packs is no small feat and usually requires a lot of dedication and hard work in order for you to succeed.